New Generation Kia Optima Image Renderings Released


Kia releases official image renderings of the next-generation Optima sedan!

Until 2010, Kia had never really been noted for the design of their vehicles, but that all changed with the unveiling of the Optima 4-door sedan at the New York Auto Show.

That design helped the vehicle become a top seller for Kia, and now, 5 years later, they are ready to unveil an all-new version of the Optima.

The recent Geneva Motor Show gave us a glimpse of what to expect from the new generation Optima sedan in the form of the Sportspace concept.

This model showed off the new styling, whilst also hinting at a long-roof variant (read: wagon model).

A pair of teaser sketches have now been released that show what the production model of the 2016 Optima will actually look like.

The latest version of the Kia tiger nose grille is there, as is a sporty bumper, a super-thin C-pillar, and fender vents that have been streamlined quite a bit.

The new look is certainly visually appealing, and should help the new Optima deliver even more sales success for Kia.

There have been no specs released yet, but what is known is that the new model will pick up a lot of the elements of the Sonata sedan, offered by sister company Hyundai.

That means that the Optima would get a number of upgrades, including hybrid and new plug-in hybrid powertrains based around a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine.

The regular models will also still be available, and will likely feature the same 2.4L engine, as well as a 2.0L and 1,6L turbo units.

All the cars on the range are expected to come with a 6-speed automatic transmission.

There is also talk that Kia are hard at work on a diesel-electric hybrid powertrain, although that will only be made available in Europe.

2016 Optima Teaser Images

Kia-Optima-2016-20   All-new Kia Optima midsize rendering.

Stay tuned! More news on the 2016 Optima sedan will be published shortly!


  1. jtz says:

    That’s a monster!!!

  2. himi says:

    Looks great. Let’s see how it transforms into a reality.

  3. bd says:

    Aside from the exaggerated roofline/greenhouse pretty spot on based on the spy shots and the Sportspace concept.

    Also like the looks of the new dash design.

  4. jtz says:

    Yeah it does look spot on.

  5. Soul4u says:

    If only the turbo came in a manual transmission…le sigh

  6. bd says:

    H/K are working on a DCT for higher powered engines, so that would be a decent compromise.

  7. Auto Motive says:

    After the Super Bowl back in 2011 we checked out new Optima and within a week it was delivered. Few people were buying them and the dealer discount was $2500 on a fully optioned msrp $30850. My wife wanted a nice car after retirement and the SX Turbo with paddle shifters filled the bill. Its a poor mans luxury sports sedan full of luxury options. The snow white metallic paint glistens in the sun and we dark tinted the windows and bought a set of Asanti white/red trimmed rims. Now this timeless design will go thru of re-design hopefully retaining similar shape but with bold and muscular angles.

  8. Mike says:

    Very stylie, windows too narrow , poor visibility…

  9. conwelpic says:

    Mike – its a drawing the windows are not like that, it will be no different than the current model.

  10. jtz says:

    @Mike: Cars with Kinks at the rear window making a blind spot: Dodge Charger, Pontiac Grand Prix, but only the Kia Optima’s rear doors would be the problem because it’s Korean allowing the 2012 Lexus IS to get away with it.

  11. jtz says:

    “Mike – its a drawing the windows are not like that, it will be no different than the current model.”

    Except they added an extra pillar to the greenhouse making it have D pillars now. Also because of the Kia Optima the 2016 redesigned Lexus RX will have chrome that goes through the C pillars as well. Yet because Lexus is not Korean they’ll act like they didn’t copy Kia. If Kia came out with a model after the RX having chrome go through the C pillars, then the Kia would be the one accused of copying. In other words, the Kia Optima started a new trend yet because it’s Korean it won’t get its prompts. Therfore, they rather act like the Optima’s design had nothing to do with the redesigned Murano.

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