Kia Optima Infinity Basslink 200-Watt (Review)


Infinity BassLink may be the best powered subwoofer for Kia Optima. Is it?

If you are in your car for an extended period of time over the course of the year, entertainment becomes something of an important feature.

When it comes to music, you want to be able to feel is as well as hear it.

Kia owners have the opportunity to do just that, as the Infinity BassLink seems to be the add-on of choice for music lovers who get around town in a Kia Optima midsize sedan.

This is the perfect solution for those who want an extra bass boost from their audio system without spending a small fortune.

Quality, compact size, good price…

Kia Optima Infinity Basslink



How much trunk space does it take

If you have seen bass systems in other vehicles, you probably assume that the BassLInk would eat up a rather large portion of your trunk space.

This is not the case, though, as the sub and amp being housed together in the same unit means that there is not a lot of space required.

While it may be small in size, the bass that the Infinity BassLink delivers is huge.

All told, the unit will take up about one cubic foot of KiaOptima trunk space, which means there is still plenty of space for all your other cargo.

What do you get with the Infinity BassLink

Everything you need to get killer sound in your car can be delivered in a 10-inch woofer and passive radiator package.

The Infinity BassLink is a 200-watt Class D amplifier that delivers a solid bass boost to the existing controls of your audio set-up.

It’s loud, but it’s not the kind of loud that will have everything in your car shaking and rattling. Here is a bigger breakdown of what you get:

The Infinity BassLink works seamlessly with just about any existing car audio system.

We have all heard cars playing music that sounds totally distorted when the bass hits. This is a sure sign that the woofer is being overdriven, and that is not something that will ever happen with the Infinity BassLink, as it features a servo-control circuit that is constantly monitoring the set-up of the system to ensure that the bass being delivered is pure and not overpowering.

The Infinity BassLink also comes with a fixed, 2nd order, high-pass filter that helps eliminate over-excursion below Fb. What this does is ensure that the bass output being delivered is as significant and clear as possible.

Up to 4 channels of input can be accepted by the Infinity Basslink, allowing the unit to be easily connected to OEM systems.

What are Kia owners saying about the Optima Infinity BassLink

The common thread among people who own a Kia Optima and have used the BassLink system in their vehicle is that the bass is loud without being overpowering.

They say that the music becomes the start of the show, which is exactly what you would hope for in this type of system.

One thought on “Kia Optima Infinity Basslink 200-Watt (Review)

  1. attaboy says:

    Nice product i got this 5-6 years ago for my Hyundai Accent.
    Nice bass for a standard car audio system i installed it myself.
    running well in harsh canadian winter too!

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