Spy Shots: New Kia Magentis / Optima Shaping Up

Kia Magentis spy shots

First spy shots of the 2011 Kia Optima hit the web.

Earlier this week, Kia released a few designer sketches previewing the up-coming Magentis / Optima replacement.

To spice things up a little bit, we are adding a few real-life spy shots of a slightly camouflaged, near-production Optima sedan to the set of official Kia sketches.

The long-anticipated sporty mid-size sedan, which looks absolutely stunning so far, will make its official global debut at the New York Auto Show on April 2nd, according to Kia.

Codenamed TF, the 2011 Optima sedan will first go on sale in South Korea in May, with a choice of two four-cylinder engines: the 2.0L CVVT and 2.4L with Gasoline Direct Injection technology and estimated 200 horsepower.

When the model goes on sale in the U.S. and other international markets, you can also expect to see a turbo engine, as well as hybrid powertrain to join the engine line-up.

We know that next-generation Kia Magentis will share its powertrain technology with Hyundai’s just recently launched Sonata mid-size sedan and that is expected to get a turbo four-cylinder engine soon.

There are rumors that Hyundai will unveil both, turbo engine powered Sonata and Sonata hybrid at the 2011 North American International Auto Show, but we predict that this could also happen earlier, at the 2010 Los Angeles Auto Show.

Over the past couple of years, Hyundai used L.A. Auto Show to unveil many of its latest production and concept cars.

Two years ago, the automaker revealed its hybrid car architecture developed to fit mid-size cars such as Sonata and Optima sedans, while this year they launched a brand-new Tucson crossover and Sonata at the event.

We are really looking forward to finally get a more performance oriented Kia sedan with a turbo engine and a few more ponies under the hood. There’s still some mystery around the up-coming turbo engine, but have learned that the unit will generate around 240+ horsepower.

Our excitement regarding Optima’s engine line-up does not end here. The all-new hybrid powertrain architecture sounds tempting as well. A combination of a four-cylinder engine, cvt transmission and electric motor should provide even better fuel economy ratings than the existing four-cylinder 2.4L already achieves.

With 24 mpg in the city and 35 mpg on the highway, the 2.4L four-cyl. powered Sonata beats just about every rival in the segment and you can expect those numbers to be repeated with the all-new Optima mid-size sedan.

This is what we know about the 2011 Kia Optima / Magentis at this point. With the official premiere approaching fast, you can expect to see more images and read more information about this stunning Kia sedan at our Kia blog, so stay tuned.

(Thanks for sending us the pics, Lee) [Source: bobaedream.co.kr]

Kia Magentis / Optima spy shots:

2011-kia-magentis.jpg     new-kia-magentis.jpg     kia-magentis-spy.jpg


  1. Greg. says:

    I don’t think the Optima ever had a concept.

  2. Greg. says:

    3.8 Lambda would be EXCELLENT in the Optima. Though a 4.6L or 5.0L Tau would really make me happy.

  3. Scott says:

    HyundaiSmoke, I say 240 or 250 hp for turbo would be great. They need to keep the fuel milege at around what the 2.4 GDI gets now. If you ever driven a VW CC with a 2.0 turbo, if gets up and go pretty good with only 200 HP and gets 30 mpg. BTW I see you are becoming a internet star. Autoline had you email question on their show. Way to go.

  4. 5.0L in the Optima? Pathetic…so over-the-top…even 3.8L is pushing it…2.4L should be the maximum…

  5. BernardP says:

    This new Magentis/Optima will simply be the best-looking car in its class and , to my trained eye, notably better-looking than the squashed-Mazda styling of the 2011 Hyundai Sonata.

    Going with a 2.4L direct-injection engine is also a perfect choice for the times. As Hyundai has said about the new Sonata, there will probably never be a V6 engine available for the Magentis/Optima.

    One more vote here for AWD, but I have no illusions.

  6. HyundaiSmoke says:

    Remember how you guys say Hyundai might have their own Soul, well I have a source that says there will be an Accent Crossover based off the Soul.

  7. Bryan says:

    HyundaiSmoke – are you gonna just jump right in to an Executive position with Hyundai in the future, or, are you gonna have ta start just selling cars off the lot? Sheesh. You’re the ‘Greg’ of the Hyundai World!

  8. Derrick G says:

    I’m finding it hard to believe there will be an Optima V6 for several reasons. One is what Krafcik said about V6’s becoming extinct and how the Sonata’s platform wasn’t designed for one. It’s hard to believe Kia is going back in to redesign the whole structure to accomodate one. I especially find the 3.3L hard to believe because Hyundai has already told multiple media outlets that the Optima would be built in West Point and the 3.3L is no longer in production in Montgomery; only the 3.5L is. And that would be an awful lot of engine for the Optima. Kia has to meet CAFE standards, too, so I look for them to restrict bigger engine choices. Lastly, I can’t imagine the V6 being all that popular. Most dealers that I’ve searched have few or none in inventory, not surprising as the 2.7L currently used is a dog.

  9. Scott says:

    It would make sense for Kia to use only 4 cyl like Hyundai for the 2011 Optima. If a customer wanted a v-6. then they could opt for the Cadenza.

  10. Greg. says:

    What about the Santa Fe? Doesn’t that still use the 3.3L? and the 2.7L? Anyway, Kia plans to replace the horrid 2.7L unit with the 2.4L GDI.

  11. HyundaiSmoke says:

    You got a point Derrick, but that still doesnt negate KIAs claims that Optima will have a V6. From what I understand about the platform is that its a Front chasis thing. Sonata will have a lighter structure in the Chassis than Optima.

    Its not hard to modify a Platform. Veloster for example is on the Accent/i20/Rio/Soul platform, yet some debate whether it will be badged as Accent hatch or Elantra hatch.

    Well see, but I think 2.4 Theta will come standard in Optima without GDI.

    Ill Explain

    Extra Fuel economy is supposed to cost more money for a KIA owner, and be standard on the Hyundai. I think GDI in Optima will be Optional. KIA is supposed be a performance brand, the Optima is going to have to have a proper V6,or KIA wont be taken seriously.

    Well see however.

  12. Derrick G says:

    No, Greg, the Santa Fe now uses the 2.4 I4 sans GDI and the 3.5L, just like the new Sorento.

    HS: Well maybe KIA’s scared that it’ll hurt their image, too. I dunno. But do us all a favor: teach John McElroy how to say Hyundai. He insists he says Hun-DYE because that’s how the say it in Korea, but from everything I’ve ever heard, it’s Huh-YUN-Deh. So I don’t know why he can’t just say Hun-DAY like they ask.

    Scott: I think what you’re saying makes a lot of sense. Especially since they could get a Cadenza for about the same of a lesser car with a V6 from a competitor.

  13. HyundaiSmoke says:

    Derrick, most people in the world outside of Korea Pronounce it as Hyun-DIE. Its just us North Americans who say Hun-day. Mac Elroy says, he likes Hyun-DIE better than Hun-day. I never used to like Hyun-DIE myself, but as I listen to these international Journalists say it, its not so bad. As a matter of fact I think we here in North America should mix it up to the point to where. I said hun-day 10 minutes ago, and now I said Hyun-DIE, Ive caught myself mixing the pronounciaton many times lately. I used to care, but now its not really a big deal to me.

    The rest of the world thinks we’re silly anyway. Hyun-DIE is growing on me its exotic, Hun-day sounds plain, but its easier for many North Americans to pronounce.

    I think this debate will continue, and it will be one of those quirky Hyundai things.

  14. Scott says:

    Their commericals use to say like Sunday but Hyun-day. As long as we are talking about them

  15. HyundaiSmoke says:

    True Scott, so I think for all intensive purposes on this Continent at least, Hun-day is the proper way to say it.

  16. Vizel says:

    Four Words:


  17. Hun-day sounds like a silly dog name….HYUN-DIE is the proper way to say it. End of discussion. LOL.
    The car looks hot and I’m happy about it – very happy about it! =D

  18. Derrick G says:

    I’m sorry, but that’s the way the company wants it pronounced and to say it any other way is just rude. Would John much like it if everyone started pronouncing his name in a way that was based on their liking the son on “The Jetsons”? I’m betting not. Also, most of Australasia uses something close to the Korean version. And John’s original explanation was that the U.S. version was a cheap marketing ploy and he was saying it like they do in Korea, which just isn’t true. And now he’s saying it’s because he LIKES it better? Please.

  19. HyundaiSmoke says:

    LMAO Derrick. He likes the Korean version better, hes a true automorive purist. I actually like this debate, and hope the debate over Hyun-DIE vs Hun-day continues.

  20. Bryan says:

    I say Hun-Day, like everyone else does. Those that say Hun-die have some kind of fasacination with…umm…death. Or something.

  21. Just because the US says hyun-day does not mean that is THE way…America you are n o t THE world…you’re apart of it like everyone else =P

  22. *waits to get absolutely slated by Americans…*

  23. Greg. says:

    I say Hoon-dee or Hun-dee. Everyone at the Hyundai dealership says Hun-day, though. I guess ‘Hyundai’ is one of those “car-mul” “care-uh-mel” things. It is spelled caramel, but I, along with I think everyone else in Michigan, says “car-mul”

  24. HyundaiSmoke says:

    Greg, many middle Americans say car mul. Im from the east coast and I live in middle America now. My saying of care-ah-mel always shocks people.

    Johnathan, the day when America as a Hyperpower collapses from within due to decay (All Hyperpowers collapse from within and are never defeated by external enemies) I think the amount of humility we show the rest of the world will be awe inspiring.

  25. Derrick G says:


    I’m not saying the whole world should say it that way, just the countries where the company says it that way.


    But he’s NOT saying it the Korean way. Matter of fact, I don’t know of any country that says it that way. All the countries I know that end it with DIE, say HOON, HE YOON or HIGH UN. And in Korea the end sounds is DEH, not DIE.

  26. HyundaiSmoke says:

    I think the Soul could be KIAs VW bettle. I think they need to offer GDI in it and now. I think KIA is ot taking advantage of this oppurtunity. It needs a 3 door, and the Soulster too.

  27. Derrick G says:

    Sorento Owner,

    First time I’ve heard an English language commercial say it like they say in Korea. Wonder what country that’s from?

  28. Bryan says:

    The Kia Soulster is no doubt going to make it in to production, car nuts. I guarantee it! Hun-Day is Fun-Day, just like some say Sun-Day is their Fun-Day. This is an interesting discussion. My Mom owned two Hyundai Excels, and my FIL pronounces it Hun-die. My Mom says it correctly, Hun-Day. Because it rhymes with Fun-Day. We are fairly bratty here in da States. I know of another two countries out there that we are currently helping, Haiti and Chile. We help others a LOT, don’t we, dudes?

  29. Rick says:

    I call it Hyun-Day and they new Kia and Hyundai designs are simply stunning. I just hope they release sport versions of their models to get the crowd that actually likes to drive.

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