2012 Kia Picanto / Morning images

2012 Kia Picanto images

The all-new 2012 Kia Picanto is all set for its official unveiling sheduled for the 2011 Geneva Auto Show in March!

These are the very first official images of the 2012 Kia Picanto. Scheduled to make its official premiere on Tuesday March 1 2011, the next-generation Picanto city car boasts a bolder and more mature exterior appearance.

The all-new Picanto city car features significant sculpting and a very prominent rising character line.

The new model has grown in size. Kia says the overall length and wheelbase have been extended in comparisson to the current Picanto.

Unlike the current generation Picanto, which is only available as a five-door model, the 2012 Picanto will be offered in two body styles revealed Kia today! The more conventional body trim will be joined by a sportier three door model.

Under the hood, there will be a choice of four four-cylinder engines with displacements of 1.0L and 1.2L.

In addition to the standard gasoline and diesel engines, LPG, bi-fuel and flex-fuel variations will be available depending on local market requirements.

Stay tuned for more information!

Official images of the new 2012 Kia Picanto


  1. Greg says:

    Rumor is – this car will make it to the USA as an EV model.

  2. sakis says:

    The front is awesome.The back must have been designed by another person.Just auful…

  3. Bryan says:

    Yes the back will take a bit of getting used to. The front looks good. I will take a look at this car when it comes out as I am interested in all-electric rigs.

  4. BJD says:

    I think Picanto should not even exist. At least, not as a 5 door ‘family’ car. Being in the A-segment, a 3 door would make some sense. Even better, a sort of sporty hot-hatch or a small 3-door coupé (something along the lines of Mazda’s MX-5). Kia is trying to portray a matured image towards the world. Making cramped family cars for the sake of revenue from Asian countries, won’t help in building their image.
    The overall design is good though (except for the wheels). Just sad that it’s a 5-door…

  5. Greg says:

    If you read the article (and Kia’s press release) there is a 3-door coming.

  6. RobKing says:

    Your Guys Ignorance Amazes Me … The Picanto Is A Big Seller In UK & European Markets, It Is A Good First Time Buyer’s Car And Introduces Many People To The Kia Range … Kia Is Known For Value & Variety So Not Offering A Small City Car In Its Range Would Be Madness, Not Every Country Has Rock Bottom Cheap Fuel Prices. I Personally Think This Picanto Is A Huge Improvement, Well Done Kia 🙂

  7. Greg says:

    Absolutely. There is an unbelievable need for cars like this in worldwide markets. The top selling Kia cars globally – Forte, cee’d, Soul, Rio, Picanto. Hmm, all are small cars. Kia needs the Picanto in the USA to compete with the Fiat 500.

  8. BJD says:

    Have no problems with a 3-door Picanto. I just feel 5-doors looks a mess on A-seg cars like this, Toyota Aygo, Opel Agila and i10. They (would) look neater in 3-door form. For Kia, the Forte, Cee’d and Rio can serve as the small family cars.

  9. Tch says:

    These small cars are really safe !!

    i20, new Polo, 207, Clio, Punto…. they all get 5 stars at EuroNcap ratings. And they handle far better than a F150.

    Consumption? With a small minivan last week I went downhill sjiing in the alps, 950 km and 50 L…. 5 persons inside at 69 Mph on a highway …. it’s 72 MPG (diesel)…. that’s the standard in europe for a cool drive on highways.

    You have to understand that small hatches like new picanto represent 6 to 8% marketshare in europe, Rio or Polo like 15 to 20%, Golf or i30 like hatches 35%.

    On a worlwide basis, GM and Ford sell cars at european / asian standards, not US (how many “caddy” exported?). Just to say that cars like the new picanto have huge interest in countries representing over 80% of the current auto market.

    Think global guys !! 😉
    this new picanto seems terrific to me !!

  10. Tch says:

    sorry …. 46MPG….. hum hum …. miles and gallons you know are a f…;g mess for europeans !!!

  11. aubs says:

    These type of small cars are great for disabled people, they are high (so are easy to get in and out of) economical and lots of space inside .i own a Kia Soul and it appears to be very similar to the Picanto.Also these Kia,s are very reliable dont break down very often.I use my Soul to pick up my son every two weeks for contact and the round trip is 800 miles a month not many other cars would do this trip of 5 hours driving each way so economically and with no fear of a break down and in such comfort they are just great.I live in UK where motorways are carparks mostly.

  12. Jason says:

    I would strongly consider a Picanto, especially if Greg’s rumor about an EV is true. I’d go for the Leaf since I can’t afford a Tesla, but I can’t really afford a Leaf either. So an EV Picanto would be great for me! I drive less than 100 miles a week so I have no “range anxiety” that GM is trying to scare people with. Oh, and I’d also go for a CRDi Soul if they ever (or Hyundai lets Kia) bring a diesel engine to the USA.


  13. ken says:

    this new kia will sell like hot cakes in the uk as the price of petrol is ridiculous here, this new 3 door looks much better than the current model and i would consider buying one if the price is right, forget big mitsubishi lancers and the like! how far will you get in a petrol guzzler like that? GET REAL!.

  14. Bryan says:

    ken-man, time ta take a real-pill. I own a 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS and I get 23 mpg city and 32 on the highway. Consistently and fully/completely. Really.

  15. Greg says:

    I drive a Kia Sedona with 137,000 miles, and I get a combined 19 MPG. Sometimes I wish I had something as small as a Lancer…but my Optima is out of the snow and salty roads for the winter 🙁

  16. DeepLord says:

    I just want 1.2L or 1.3L diesel engine..

  17. TUNER says:

    Would love to grab one of these. Even thought about importing one (if possible) if it doesn’t come to the States.
    A red 5 door manual tranny, with panoram-roof would suit me fine. Now, about those after market body kits for this thing…

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