2022 Kia Picanto On Sale In USA or Canada?

Kia Picanto available in USA or Canada

Is there a Kia Picanto available for sale in US or Canada?

Small cars such as the Kia Picanto, Ford Fiesta, Hyundai Accent or Fiat 500 are especially popular in Europe, but lately, the stylish city-cars have been gaining popularity also amongst consumers in the USA and Canada.

Kia Motors Corporation offers a large number of highly attractive sub-compact and compact cars that deliver unsurpassed fuel efficiency and add versatility in an urban environment.

Those include the boxy Ray and Picanto 5-door hatchbacks, Venga mini MPV (no longer available), Rio 5-door hatchback, Rio 4-door sedan and Soul crossover vehicle.

Some of the above-mentioned Kia mall cars are only available in Europe, while others are limited to the carmaker’s domestic market (Korea). Kia Rio and Soul are being sold in the United States, as well as in Canada and they have both been selling exceptionally well!

Kia Picanto in US or Canada

Kia Picanto, on the other hand, is not available for sale in the US market or Canada.

Kia has also no plans to bring the Picanto to the United States at this point, although there is an increasing number of consumers showing the interest in the carmaker’s entry-level city car.

Those US consumers looking for a small and affordble hatchback, such as the Picanto, should take a closer look at the highly-attractive Rio (named “Best Small Car” by Motorweek ) or the funky Soul crossover vehicle.


  1. Gary Bowerman says:

    The only real question is , “Why are you not bringing
    the world’s most popular small car in North America.” The Picanto is a great small car, appearance is much more appealing then the Rio with it’s useless sloped back or the box, sorry I mean Soul. When the Picanto finally arrives in Canada, I will be ordering this little gem.

  2. Art says:

    I’m a Canadian living in Korea since 2002. I’ve been driving a 5-speed Morning since 2005 and love it. It’s fantastic on gas and has great acceleration when needed. It has been the best and most economical car I’ve ever owned (2 Toyotas, a Honda, a Nissan, a Volvo, and a Volkswagen). I was looking forward to buying another when I returned to Canada! Why are you giving up this market to the Chevy Spark?

  3. Keith says:

    Just rented this car while traveling to the Caribbean, I am in the market to buy a car, I want to buy this Picanto, and I live in Canada. My advise to Kia is bring it to Canada, a lot of people like myself want to see it offered here.

  4. jim thomas says:

    Is the KIA Picanto legal to own/drive in USA? I own one in Guatemala and am thinking of bringing it to USA

  5. Automotive Start Up says:


    I’m curious why the Kia Picanto isn’t being sold in the U.S. It could definitely compete in the market against cars like the Mini Cooper and Fiat.


  6. Denis says:

    It will be a success in Canada in particular in Quebec province.
    Nissan Canada is winning with the Nissan Micra (Renault Twingo clone with Nissan badge) at 10K$CDN very big seller, it is just a nice little car far better than Mitusbishi Mirage crap!

  7. Bryan says:

    Sounds like Kia ought to bring the Picanto to America. I have a 2011 Kia Soul 5-speed and I love the car. I am somewhat interested in the Picanto but really have my eye on the new 2018 Kia Rio hatchback. It looks like a VW in the back and it has it’s own front end design that totally rocks. I am interested in the ’18 Rio and I think the Picanto would be too small for me. The Soul’s size inside and out is just about right. I wouldn’t mind another Kia Soul on down the road, either. Kia is on a large roll of late and they just keep getting better and better year over year.

  8. Denis says:

    Nice to see a Picanto CUP championship in racing like what we have in Canada with the Nissan Micra CUP Racing circuit championship!
    All Micra in the championship have the same engine and horsepower and it is a pilot championship not a car manufacturers championship!

  9. Bryan says:

    I like many Nissan designs, including the Nissan cube. I really like the cube – I own a ’11 Kia Soul, so boxy is good by me. Wouldn’t even mind buying an old cube some day – none of them should have that many miles.

    I love the old ’68 Datsun 411 Bluebird and the ’68 – ’72 Datsun 510 sedan. It was made to compete with Porsche speedsters, many people don’t know that.

    The new Nissan Micra looks kinda cool – I even like the ’15 and on Nissan Versa S 5-speed stick sedan. Nissan doesn’t seem ta overcharge, and, what’s more, their engineering team really knows what they’re doing. They are a prime part of Kia’s competition.

  10. Orlando Alonso says:

    I rented a Picanto in Guatemala for ten days, and I fell in love with that little car, it is a super car…WHAT ARE TEY WAITING FOR TO BRING IT HERE TO THE USA?

  11. Orlando Alonso says:

    I rented a PICANTO in Guatemala for 10 days and I fell in love with the little car because it is a super car…WHAT IS KIA WAITING FOR TO BRING IT HERE TO THE USA?

  12. David Cajudo says:

    Picanto were in the US as Chevy Spark, a joint venture to Chevrolet-Kia. Same engine and chassis only differs on body, bumper and lights. I wish I could buy it in Mexico and imported it here, don’t know duty regulations.

  13. David Cajudo says:

    If mathematics is an exact science, so does Kia Picanto is an exact Chevrolet Spark here in the US. Because of Kia and GM’s agreement to expand Spark market, Picanto can’t land in the homeland.

    Mazda used to fall-out when Ford joint venture. In 2013, Mazda could stand by themselves. I began to return my trust to Mazda and get a 6-sp stick shift, 35 mpg Mazda CX-5 2013 SUV. Am satisfied with the performance, fast, lite, no engine rattle.

    Mazda helps Toyota/Scion iA too with discontinued Mazda2, 99.9% Mazda. Logo and front bumpers are Toyota.

    1986 Chevy Sprint ER uses 3-cyl Suzuki engine gives me 58 mpg. I only give it way because rust builds-up under the lid of engine air filter then falls directly to carburator 2x that cost me $1100 each to replace the carburator.

    My wife had a 2016 Kia Forte she is so satisfied compare to 2003 Kia Spectra.

    I voted Kia Picanto for US soon.

  14. Bryan says:

    Mazda helps Toyota/Scion iA too with discontinued Mazda2, 99.9% Mazda. Logo and front bumpers are Toyota. I do like even the big “gaping maw” in the from of the Toyota Yaris iA. It is 99.9% Mazda made. Only has Toyota (formerly Scion) badging. It would be a great driving and handling car.

    The Picanto is a bit small. Really interested in the new 2018 Kia Rio. The car looks great – might be a bit small. I drive a 2011 Kia Soul base white 5-speed. Great small car. No need to trade in for a while – only has 74,889 miles on it. Kia is doing great – I have liked them since May of 1999 when I bought my first Kia – a 1999 Kia Sephia. Good car, but the Kia’s now are great cars with great Warranty’s.

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