Kia Picanto Clone Goes All Electric (Yogomo 330)


Yogomo 330 electric car looks just as the second generation of Kia Picanto city car.

It is often said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

If that is the case, then Chinese automakers Yogomo must love the Kia Picanto city car.

Yogomo recently unveiled a new all electric vehicle called the 330 that is almost a complete replica of the 2018 Kia Picanto.

This isn’t really anything new to those that know a thing or two about the Chinese auto industry.

It is pretty common for the Chinese to “borrow” existing designs to a certain degree, but this one is certainly the most flagrant rip-off to date.

Yogomo 330 EV

Yogomo 330  Yogomo 330 electric-car

If you were not a real car afficiando, you would very easily be forgiven for believing that you were looking at the Picanto city car, or Morning in the Asian market.

What gives it away, though, is that the Yogomo has a couple of pretty glaring design flaws, which is another common issue with the Chinese knock-off versions.

In this case, the doors are very poorly aligned, and the gap around the wheels is borderline cavernous.

As we have mentioned, this type of design theft is something that is common aming Chinese automakers, yet they continue to be allowed to do so without any fear of copyright retribution.

If there is one bright spot in this whole story, it’s that Kia Motors can now see how easy it would be to build a Picanto EV.

They have already shown that they can excel in the EV market, as the Soul EV leads the segment in a number of categories.

It will be intersting to see if they use this case of identity theft to create something that blows the Yogomo 330 out of the water. (Photos:

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