2010 Kia Rio 4-Door Sedan Facelift (First Photos)

2010 Kia Rio sedan

Kia Rio is going to receive a mid-cycle facelift for the 2010 model year.

After a very long wait, we finally get the very first batch of images of the 2010 Kia Rio facelift.

Called Kia Pride in South Korea, the current Rio has been on market since 2005, and it has been one of the top five selling Kia cars globally.

Now, roughly four years after its introduction, the B-segment Rio sedan receives a much needed facelift.

The 2010 Kia Rio gains a host of changes and upgrades outside and inside. The sheet metal updates up front include a completely redesigned front fascia with different front bumper and signature grille.

The combination of a redesigned front bumper, which incorporates larger air-intake and updated fog-lights, and Kia’s new H-shaped signature grille give Rio more character and more distinctive exterior look.

The whole exterior set up now looks much more attractive and a lot closer to the latest Kia offerings. The 2010 Kia Rio reminds us of the 2010 Kia cee’d, which has also been announced to receive a mid-life styling change for the new model year.

As for the interior, theRio facelift packs a subtly revised center stack with new controls and upgraded audio system with Bluetooth connectivity. It also features new steering-wheel design and slightly updated gauges on the instrument panel.

The 2010 Kia Rio is believed to be on sale domestically in Korea within this or next month, while US sales could begin by the end of this year or early next year. More news at the homepage of Kia Blog!

2010 Kia Rio facelift gallery

kiariofacelift.jpg     kiario2010.jpg     kiapride2010.jpg


  1. Martin1491 says:

    Not bad, really sharpened up the front. I just wish they would drop the door bumper guard thingys, have a nice flat door. The beefed up wheel arches are cool too.

  2. Greg says:

    On the bright side, it looks like the door things are body colored.

  3. Nice but I want to see what the r e a l Rio looks like (the hatchback – stupidly called the Rio5 in America).

  4. Oh I also am eager to see the new interior – as the old one was really quite low rent and scratchy even though it was a step up from the previous generation Rio

  5. Gregory Ahn says:

    Hopefully it has a diesel option..

  6. The Rio already has a diesel option – well in the UK it does

  7. Špela says:

    Kia Rio will continue to be available with both diesel and gasoline engines. I have no info about engine updates, but probably Kia engineers will tweak them to achieve even beter fuel consumption ratings.

  8. Martin1491 says:

    Thats true, Greg.

  9. I love Kia and i have been with them for 11 years. But, this looks like the old Ford Fiesta. I was hoping the new Rio would look more like the N3 concept.

  10. MUCH better.

  11. himi says:

    The Salesman: this is only an update for the Rio/Pride, which will help Kia to sell the model for the rest of one or two year. Once the whole-new Rio model comes out, I’m pretty sure it will look as attractive as Fiesta or anything selling in the B-segment class right now.

  12. Darren says:

    Nice , but in my opione KIA will be change all model and the name rio it’s OLD now and MAKE more compact to revealed the new fiesta , new c3, new clio , new polo , yaris etc . it’s are all new .

  13. Kid Icarus says:

    Good….not great. I still expect to see the No3 concept become the next gen Rio

  14. The No3 Concept is NOT going to be the new Rio – they might be styled similarly but they are in two different classes.
    The No3 is designed to rival the likes of the Nissan Note, Vauxhall Meriva and VW Golf Plus – whereas the Rio is made to rival the Ford Fiesta, Renault Clio, Vauxhall Corsa etc…

  15. isellkia says:

    not great but not bad. I lide the headlights on the optima and the forte. I think it would look nicer with those headlights and grill.

  16. Bryan says:

    Anyone heard if the Kia No.3 concept will be coming to the U.S.? Does Kia know the answer to that question yet? That car looks cooler than this new Rio, however, this new Rio with a cool bodykit and 17″ tires, leather knob and steering wheel, foglight package, moonroof, RF stereo, etc., would cook the goose for this SE Arizona padre.

  17. AladdinSane says:

    Howdy all…
    Still nothing’s being said of electronic stabilty control being added to the Rio’s new features for 2010.
    What’s up with that?

  18. Greg says:

    It will come standard by 2012.

  19. Greg says:

    Well, now we just need to see the 2010 Borrego, 2010 Sedona, and 2010 Rondo, as they all have a mild facelift (only a grille facelift for the Borrego). All 2010 Kias will feature the ‘tiger nose’. Refer to SEMA Borrego’s grille for a look at what the new one looks like.

  20. Jason says:

    I read that ESC will be REQUIRED for ALL vehicles (consumer) in the USA by 2012. Kind of like TPMS last year (2008)…

  21. Gregory Ahn says:

    Jason, its too bad this is required, it just drives the cost of the vehicle higher, plus if people are too stupid to check their tire pressure then they should not be driving..

  22. HyundaiSmoke says:

    You’re right about the Segment Johnathan. However, the European Nect Gen Rio, or Concept No.2 which will be debuting soon is the same size as the Hyundai i20.

    Do you know, that the Hyundai i20 is 3 inches smaller than the US Accent Hatchback. The Accent and Rio5 are big hatchbacks, but compared to its competition the Accents/and Rio5s larger size have always given them an edge over the usual smaller competition.

    The European Rio will be a different animal than the American Rio. They are going to have to make the Rio its standard size here for it to sell. The Accent must be kept the same size or made even larger, becuase US Accent Owners expect a big C-Segment Sized B-Segment small car. Hyundai CEO does say that Hyundai will be more focused on Hatches in their next gen Products, and hes looking at cars the Size of Suzuki SX-4 to get the job done. Guess whats about the size of a Suzuki SX-4? No.3 Concept , and Hyundai i20 MPV. No.3 would be a good size, but the length is 3 inches shorter and 2 inches taller than a Honda Fit (Jazz), which by the way is 3 inches shorter than the Rio.

    In Essence, the Next Gen Euro Rio might end up being up to 6 inches shorter than the Current American Spec Model. In terms of sales, thats not a good move to sell a high volume product such as the US Rio with less space than the last Generation Model.

  23. HyundaiSmoke says:

    Suzuki SX-4 has nice Dimensions. Hyundai could have done a lot better exterior treatment and interior work on it than Suzuki though. That SX-4 saved Suzuki at least for now, from being forced out of the US market. Suzuki sales are down 90% this year. I love my Hyundais but I almost bought the SX-4 from the dealers who sold me the Hyundai becuase its the size and shape I was looking for, but the Fuel Economy on it sucked badly. Here they stuff that car with a very antiquated powertrain. It gives the car great pep, but fuel economy siffers horribly.

  24. Sun says:

    Its reached the gulf market

  25. benjamin says:

    cuando llega a panama el rio 2010
    en que mes y cuanto custa aproximado

  26. Philip says:

    With pictures being released of the all new 2011 Hyundai Accent (Verna) at the Bejing China Auto Show, when will we see Kia`s Rio replacement for 2011 or 2012? I love my 06` Kia Rio5 SX, but 5 years already! Changing side door moldings and grill just won`t do it. Its time for a complete do-over! When?

  27. g long says:

    come on kia makes us a wow rio for europe,the currentmodel even with facelift s still mundane,just look at new fiesta,corsa,and poloto see
    what i mean they give the wow factor that most of want,as for the rear of the current rio,what with the bacofoil look above rear lights,
    this iis a real turn off,i and i expect many car owners wont to change to pherhaps kia,but your styling is on the whan except the new venga
    which is to big for my needs,i did like the first rio,and would klike anothger,plewse hurry,my local dealer fine cars of lee on solent must be
    fed up with me asking the same question………..when are we to get a wow factor rio like the fiesta

  28. fifi says:

    The new Fiesta since 2008 is one fugly car – it is a Peugeot rip-off! The early 00’s cars like the 2001-2008 Ford Fiesta looked better.

  29. Roy Rio says:

    I have a 2007 Kia Rio5 hatchback, 5 speed transmissions. I like the versatility of the car. You get fuel and it works great. A car is fun to drive the gear lever. Having tinted windows must be in Texas.

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