Kia Owners Talk: 2006 Kia Rio owner from Turkey

Kia Rio 5-door tuning

I am a Chemical Engineer in Eskisehir, Turkey.I am 22 years old. I most like to drive to different places with my Kia car.

1. How long have you owned your Rio?

I own my rio since 20th march 2006.

2. What cars did you own before you bought your Kia?

This is my 2nd car. Old one was a Renault Laguna.

3. Honestly, what was your intention when you bought your Rio?

I bought Kia Rio, cuz its inner and outer design looked perfect for me for modding when I first saw it.Also it has the most powerful diesel engine in its class in Turkey.

4. In a few words, describe the style of your Rio?

Different, stylish, cool..

2006-kia-rio-tuning.jpg    18760_12_buyuk.jpg    kia-rio-tuning2.jpg

5. What do you like the most about Rio?

I most like the performance and the exhaust sound.

6. Is there anything you don’t like about it?

It is a bit small.. 🙂

7. What is it that makes your Rio look unique?

Colorful rims, 4 exhaust tips, unique bodykit, unique headlights.

8. What accessories have you installed so far?

– Special design bodykit
– Bi-xenon headlights
– Eibach pro kit springs
– special design exhaust pipes
– 17x 7,5 ” Colorful rims, 205/40/17 Nexen tires
– leather inner design
– pioneer 7950 usb/mp3/cd player
– jbl 75.4 amplifier, jbl 600.1 amplifier
– 3x jbl component speakers
– Pioneer 30cm 2000watt dvc woofer
– window films, etc.

18760_6_buyuk.jpg  18760_4_buyuk.jpg  kia-rio-tuning.jpg

9. What’s next?

Coilovers , blow off valve, chip tuning..

10. Who helped modify your Rio?

A few friends only..

11. Products of which tuning company did you use?

Nexen,Hijoin, Eibach,Pioneer , JBL, OMV…

12. How would you rate your car; on a scale from 1 to 10?


13. How would you pimp your ride if you had no limits?

Same way i did.

14. What do people say about your Rio?

People on street look at it, and turn around and look again, nearly all of them say positive things about my Rio..

15. What would you advise to Kia owners who might be looking to customize their cars in future?

Try to stay simple but also be attractive.

16. Do you see yourself as a future Kia owner?



  1. K-Sport (Boris) says:

    beauty! The front looks great. reminds me a bit of the spectra but its a good thing. Glad you didnt change those beautiful taillights. Thts the best part of a Rio.

  2. Pablo says:

    Its a amazing tuning of a Rio men, I own one and i didn´t think a Rio can look like that, thanks for give me a inspiration for my car, now i see the Rio its perfect for tuning. The headlights are beatiful and those exhaust pipes, man!! Congrats!!!!!

  3. Jason says:

    Hey, I’ve just bought an 06 plate Kia Rio and was wondering how one would look once it was modified, well done! You’re car looks great! Would you be able to give any guidance as to how much the whole project has cost you?


  4. matt says:

    hey juat wondering where you got you body kit im lookin for one dont really matter the cost

  5. Greg says:

    You can find stuff like that on koreanautoimports. Click my name in red to go to it.

  6. david says:

    where did you get the headlights at

  7. Greg says:

    It looks like he just painted the inside of the stock headlights. Then replaced bulbs with Xenon bulbs

  8. david says:

    the side lights are round and those are not stock

  9. Ozgur Yucel says:

    Hi there everyone,
    I am the owner of this rio..
    Thanks for good comments..

    The bodykit is completely custom designed,so u can not find it anywhere.. I am sorry 🙂
    Headlights are stock ones,I painted them and placed angel eye rings inside them..

    See u ..

  10. Tolga says:

    valla nette dola??yodum senin rioyu gördüm 26 plakay?da görünce ?a??rd?m aç?kcas? zaten espark?n orda s?kl?kla görüyorum bu aleti millette güzel yorumlar yazm?? karde? eline gönlüne sa?l?k, bi gün görü?ürüz in?allah

  11. Greg says:

    Ummm, yes.

  12. vinci says:

    selam dostum çok ??k olmu? gerçekten merak ediyorum, eski?ehirde nerde yapt?rd?n bu modifiyeyi mail atarsan sevinirim..

  13. vinci says:

    [email protected] com

  14. ??????? says:

    ??? ????? ?????))
    ???? ??????? ??????, ? ?????????? ?? ???? ?????))

  15. olivier says:

    je chercher parchoc arriere , j’ai deja l’avant et les jupe mais pas encore l’arriere…

  16. Greg says:

    Je ne suis pas sűr ce que vous essayez de dire.

  17. matthew says:

    did you mod the car at all to fit the 205/40/17 tires im think of putting 17’s on my car but not sure it the 205 will fit

  18. Luke says:

    The stock tires on a kia rio are 175/70R14. Which has a total diameter of 595mm. The total diameter of 205/40R17 is 589mm. That’s only a 1.01% difference, which won’t affect drivability, you want to stay within 3% when changing a tire size. I haven’t put mine on yet, but I think there is enough clearance to fit the 30mm wider tires on, although it is a concern for a sharp turn.

  19. Steeve Bernier says:

    Where I can find performance parts for my Rio5 2006?? please help me and answer me by writing an email please!!!!!
    thanks a lot

  20. Steeve Bernier says:

    oops!! on internet of course!!?? sorry

  21. Steeve Bernier says:

    My email is [email protected]. Sorry again !! lol

  22. Z0|)!4C says:

    its perfect man;-)
    it seems to be so strong:D
    did you do any thing for the engine?if you’ve done,please explain!

  23. Ozgur Yucel says:

    no mods for engine.
    I guess the designer of this face lift has got a little inspiration from my modded rio5.
    Look at the design of the bumpers especially. 🙂

  24. Ozgur Yucel says:

    no mods for engine.
    I guess the designer of this face lift has got a little inspiration from my modded rio5.
    Look at the design of the bumpers especially. 🙂

  25. Wow I am so satisfied about my Mercedes its because for the right Diesel tuning and I also notice that the speed and the smoothness of it is really different as my car before, hope i can help you with your problems and suggest the a diesel tuning or chip tuning that will fit to your 2010 lifestyle .

  26. LOUIEG says:


  27. edo says:

    Hello, where did you buy the spoilers for the car?

  28. Angelo says:

    I never imagined RIO 2006-2010 can look this good, I mean Wow!!! hey buddy Ozgur Yucel can you add me up on FB? hope i can get advise from you to redesign my Rio too 😀

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