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Kia Rio 5-door facelift

Nowadays, there are many Kia car related forums on the Internet and many people join those boards in order to gather more information about their rides.

Being a part of a Kia owner community means you can learn anything about your new or used car.

If you own a Rio hatch or sedan, you should definitely join the Kia Rio forums. There’s no better feeling than being a part of large Kia owner community that share the same passion as you do.

Kia Rio forum topics

There are several topics that are usually discussed on such forums. Each car forum features various categories where people post their questions and get replies from other owners.

The most common forum categories include: latest news, engine/suspension modifications, wheels and tires, accessories, problems, owner’s introductions, photo galleries.

Some discussion boards even manage “car of the month” competitions with owners voting for the hottest-looking cars out there.

Who should join the Rio forums?

Forum are suitable for the current owners, as well as the potential Kia Rio buyers.

How can you get benefits from this forum?

Forums are a good place to learn more about your car. You can learn how to maintain your vehicle properly, how much it costs, what tires to buy, when to change oil, where to buy spare parts and accessories, etc…

Participating in discussions on each forum are some real experts and mechanics who can help finding you a proper answer to your question.  Those people can find a solution to your problems even before you take your car to your nearest Kia dealership.

One of many benefits is also meeting new friends. You can meet new friends online or join the members at meetings.

An owner meeting can be a perfect option to get some more knowledge about your ride!

It is up to you whether you want to join any Kia Rio forum, but if you do, then it is very important to choose the best forum out there. Try to find a Rio forum with a large number of active members who are willing to share their thoughts with you.


  1. Brady mounce says:

    Need help diagnosing my 2002 Kia Rio I swapped the 1.5 for the 1.6 out of a 2005 it has a rough idle and won’t give me any codes I’ve changed all sensers with no change any help would be greatly appreciated

  2. Gary says:

    I have a Kia Rio strike 59 plate (7 yr old) a local garage has just diagnosed (abs fault) as having the ECU unit gone, and ast. £1200 to fix… has anybody else had this problem ? how much to fix and where in Norfolk?

    (not happy)

  3. Dean Baatjies says:

    I experience some problems with my Kia Rio sedan1.2 2016 model,my reverse gear sometimes don’t operates smoothly

  4. tony keren says:

    dear mr/s
    we bought a kia rio 2013 and everything works perfect except the fact that a minute after starting driving i hear 4 clicks from the left back door. it sounds like lock and unlock itself. the door is closed and evrything seems to be fine but the sign lights up showing one of the doors is unlocked.
    thank you

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