Tricked Out Kia Rio With 17″ Alloys, Racing Exhaust And Carbon Fibre Vinyl Wrap

Tricked-out Kia Rio

Kia Rio fitted with carbon fibre vinyl on the hood.

The latest in our series featuring Kia owners takes us to the more tropical location of Cebu, Philippines, where our owner works for a well-known company that supplies automotive power management systems and interior trims and seats.

The owner has a fondness for automobiles that includes blogging about cars and taking pictures.

The cars he owned previously were all on the smaller side – Toyota Corolla, Nissan Micra, and a couple of others – since the short rides that are part of life on the Philippines makes larger cars seem excessive.

He had previously planned on purchasing a Kia Picanto after experiencing it during a visit to Qatar, but that all changed after he got behind the wheel of the Rio.

He had already tried several other brands via a test drive, but everything, from model to color selection and drivability, all just fell into place with the Kia Rio.

The Rio checked off all the requirement boxes that he had in mind going into the buying process.

The warranty offered was not able to be matched by any other brand, and fuel efficiency was right where he wanted it to be.

One of the biggest selling points, though, was the after sales service that was offered by the Kia dealership.

He believed that the people there had his best interests, as well as that of his vehicles, in mind, which is why he quickly signed on the dotted line.

1. Tell us something about your Kia Rio ownership experience?

I first planned of buying a Kia Picanto since I loved it the first time I drove one when I was in Qatar. My first choice was a Picanto since in the Philippines the small cars are practical since the travels are short.

But things changed when I saw the Rio (New Pride in Korea). I had a test drive and went straight to sign a deal (but I made prior test drive with other car brands).

I test drive an Automatic Transmission, it was not really a big deal to me since I already had the Manual Transmission in mind.

I knew it was for me since everything went smooth with the transactions and the availability of the right variant and color of the vehicle.
2. What do other people say about your modified Rio sedan?

It goes with the slogan “The power to Surprise”.  Philippines is a country where the Japanese brands are dominant. So owning a Kia is something different to some people.

But not me, I work for an automotive inclined company and most people are surprised to see me get a Kia.

Kia Rio tuningBut slowly they began to appreciate when they get to see how it turned out now especially when I started having awards and recognition in cars shows.

And when I get to tell them how happy I am with the after sales services of Kia compared to my previous cars. That is when their face starts to frown.

Hahahaha. That’s when I knew they are not happy with the one they currently have.

Every time people approach me to get a closer look at the car. They would say. “I never thought a Kia would look this awesome”.

Until now, I get used to hearing that. Lol. My car is suit up to be a head turner day and night. So I love it when people lock their eyes on my Kia as I pass by.

3. How long have you owned your ride?

I’ve owned my car July of 2012. Slightly more than a year.

4. Honestly, what was your intention when you bought your Kia?

Reliability was in the top of my head. And I know from the way the entire vehicle package was built, it had it already. No other car brand in my place gives a 5 year or 150k kms of warranty unless they are confident about it.

Fuel savings was second on my list since I know for a fact that most cars in this segment do more or less the same fuel savings. I don’t need to dig in to that deeper.

And the most important thing is the after sales service. This is very important to me since for the entire ownership of your vehicle, you had to deal with this people for your regular preventive maintenance.

5. What do you like the most about your Rio?

I love the ride of my Kia. Most especially when I cut tight corner’s, the overall drivability is just so comfortable.

Kia Rio Accessory  Kia Rio Engine

6. What is it that makes your car look unique?

I can say there are a lot of Rio’s in our place now. But when people that know me get to see a Rio passing by they would know it’s me even with-out looking on the plate numbers.

I have low height GT rear spoilers, front splitters black carbon fiber wrap hood and top.

17” Black with Red wheels with light’s during night time. And wrap around black window tint.

7. What accessories have you installed so far / do you have any future plans?

Current accessories I have so far are aftermarket 17-inch alloy wheels, rear spoiler, front bumper splitter, carbon fiber wrap for hood and top, tilting plate number holder on the front and smoked glass cover on both plate numbers, steering wheel cover, all weather floormats and R-Spec racing exhaust.

Future plans are wrap around body kit, detachable steering wheel with 11” Momo steering wheel, and hopefully Bride bucket seats.

Kia Rio Specs

Engine: 1.4L DOHC 16V
Color: Red
Trim: EX
Model year: 2011
Tire size: 205 / 45 R17 – 17” rims
Average mpg: (15 kms/li)
Miles driven so far: 13,500kms (8,388 miles)


  1. Onin says:

    I have personally seen this car and it looks very cool and unique. The owner was more than willing to give me a ride to get the feel of this beauty, very comfy.

  2. kia_rio_fan says:

    Dear friend,
    Please help me with following.. I am owner of kia rio, hatchback model from 2008. and it is tropical red just like yours. Can you tell me which lowering springs did u buy and how much do they cost? I am from Europe and I have problem with finding ones for my car.

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