2015 Sedona, Codenamed YP, Spied In The Wild


Hot on the heels of a render from a few weeks ago comes spy shots that show Kia has continued to develop the Kia Sedona/Carnival minivan.

The Sedona prototype in these spy shots is not so heavily camouflaged, allowing us to see the hood and the side lines.

The shots include another look inside at the big dashboard that showcases the new approach Kia is taking with their design language.

There are also a number of stickers on the window that show the vehicle as being tested under the codename “YP.”

Not sure what that means, but what is known is that the 7-seat Kia minivan will be available in the US next year as a 2015 model year release.

The shape of the forth-coming 2015 Kia Sedona was very much inspired by the KV-7 concept vehicle that was put on display at the 2011 North American International Auto Show.

It was hinted then that the styling of the concept was not merely an exercise, but rather a possible look at a future production model.

What may be missing in the production model are concept features such as swiveling seats, gullwing doors and LED instrument panel and headlights.

With what can be seen under the camouflage, the all-new 2015 Kia Sedona will have some definite elements lifted from the KV7.

Those include a huge front grille that includes a front camera, while the sliding doors will hold much of the shape of the concept. It also looks as though there will be horizontal LED lights at the rear of the vehicle.

There is no confirmation yet on what engines might appear in the 2015 Sedona MPV, but the sticker on the vehicle seen in the spy shots indicates that it uses a 2.2L CRDi diesel with automatic transmission, like the one used in the European market.

It was a 2.0-liter T-GDi turbocharged engine, which is capable of delivering up to 285 horsepower, that was used in the KV7.

A similar turbo engine, albeit less powerful will likely also appear in a next-generation Sedona model that hits the US market. [Photosource: kvclub]

Kia Sedona Spy Shots



  1. bd says:

    The GT Concept getting the greenlight is hardly surprising.

    What is surprising is that Kia will be making it a 2-door and not a 4-door which is a mistake (at the very least do both).

    It will, however, remain RWD.

  2. Robert says:

    Nice svelte stylish design! Long overdue mind you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Bob Winfrey says:

    I love it maybe it replace my 2003 and be my third kia . I really hope it has an awd option toyota is the only one that does and it’s a pig……

  4. Anthony Brown says:

    We live in New England, we need an awd Sedona. Hopefully the 2015 new sedona will fulfill our wish. We would buy it in a heart beat! It would be our fourth Kia vehicle.

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