Battle Of The Minivans: Chrysler Town & Country vs. Kia Sedona


The automotive industry has changed dramatically in recent years, to the point that shopping for a new minivan means having limited choices.

All told, there are only 7 different vans to choose from in today’s market.

The newcomer to the group is the new Kia Sedona, a minivan whose name has been around for a while, but which has ben absent from the market for a couple of years.

The new 2015 Sedona model gets an all-new look, as well as some serious upgrades in safety and technology.

What people want to know now is whether or not the new Sedona MPV has what it takes to knock the Chrysler Town & Country off its perch.

Kia vs. Chrysler minivan

Chrysler Town & Country Offers More Seating Options, But Less Comfort Than Sedona

When it comes to passenger and cargo space, the Town & Country is the winner, thanks in large part to its Stow & Go system that make space for up to 8 passengers.

It is perhaps this feature alone that has kept the Town & Country at the top of the heap for so long.

After all, monivans are supposed to be all about finctionality and capacity.

The argument here, though, is that you are more likely to be using a minivan to carry people rather than cargo, which makes comfort a concern.

One of the knocks on the Town & Country is that the thin third row seats are not particularly comfortable.

The Sedona certainly wins in that regard, and while the second row seats in the Sedona don’t stow away as nicely as the Chrysler model, they do offer a level of comfort that is hard to beat.

Some versions of the Sedona offer seating that is akin to an airline seat, with extending leg supports included.

It’s safe to say that this would be a great option on longer rides.

Town & Country And Kia Sedona Safety

Where the Town & Country falls behind the Sedona is in crash test scores, with the Kia getting top marks from the NHTSA.

It should be noted, though, that some of the Sedona’s best safety features are only on the higher trim levels.

Sedona Boasts More Modern Engine, Gearbox And Delivers Smooter Ride

Both vehicles deliver solid performance via a V6 engine and front wheel drive.

The Chrysler van has a powerful, responsive powertrain, but it suffers from an outdated suspension that can make for a bit of a rough ride.

Its steering is a little better than the Sedona, but Kia easily wins the smoothness and sound battle, as they deliver a quiet, comfortable ride on even the roughest of surfaces.

The combined EPA ratings for both vans sit in the mid-20’s mpg range.

Styling Winner: Kia Sedona

No-one really looks at styling as being overly important in a minivan, although that view is changing.

Kia are at the forefront of changinf peoples mind in that regard, as the new Sedona is one the best-looking vans both inside and out.

It is way more appealing visually than anything offered by the Town & Country.

Comparison Test Conclusion

If your sole purpose for buying a minivan is to have a vehicle that can haul a ton of cargo, then the Chrysler might be your best bet.

If, on the other hand, you want a van that has ample space for passnegers and cargo, handles well, looks great, and comes with the best safety rating in the segment, then you need to go with the Kia Sedona.

You can get into te Sedona EX for around $33,000, and we can guarantee you will find it to be money well spent (more on pricing).


  1. jtz says:

    The reason why I think the Town N’ Country is better for cargo is because when Kia was making the Sedona in R&D, I think they were thinking “multi purpose veheicle” over the traditional, boring minivan. I think this Sedona is a MPV not a minivan. It doesn’t even look like a van it looks like a crossover. The Sedona even looks better than the upcoming 2016 Honda Pilot CUV (A Traverse design from Chevy going to Honda now). If the Sedona offered AWD it’ll crush the Pilot.

  2. jtz says:

    The only thing the Sedona has is sliding doors. Put open and shut doors on this bad boy and AWD and Kia would be in Grand Cherokee/Explorer territory.

  3. (jtz) Tobiyyah Ban Yashar'al says:

    FYI new name

  4. Dean F. says:

    “…some of the Sedona’s best safety features are only on the higher trim levels.” KIA is wrong on this point! Safety features, especially BEST SAFETY FEATURES, should be on ALL trim levels not on only higher trim levels!

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