New Kia Sedona MPV Wins 2015 Minivan Comparison Test Drive

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Motor Trend magazine compares 5 minivans and chooses Kia Sedona as their TOP choice for 2015!

The minivan has taken a bit of a hit in recent years with rising gas prices leading drivers to look for something a little more fuel efficient.

The times they are changing, though, and Kia looks set to make the minivan cool again with the latest version of the Sedona.

Don’t just take our word for it, though.

Kia Sedona Comparison ReviewA recent article by Motor Trend ranked the top 5 minivans currently on sale, and here is how it looked:

#1 Kia Sedona – Motor Trend believes that the styling and safety delivered by the Sedona will return the cool factor to the category.

#2 – Honda Odyssey – Motor Trend has always rated this one highly, but it isn’t do enough to earn the top spot.

#3 – Toyota Sienna – This isn’t a van that is going to wow you, but you can’t fault its efficiency and performance.

#4 – Nissan Quest – One of the comfier cabins on the market, but the poor test scores hurt the rating of the Quest.

#5 – Chrysler Town & Country – The humble T&C is getting a little old, but it does still deliver great value.

2015 Minivan Comparison Review – Conclusion

There can be no denying the influence that the Chrysler Town & Country has had on the segment, but influence isn’t enough in today’s market.

The interior looks particularly dated, and there just isn’t sort of space that you would expect from a van.

Crash test scores are also an issue for the T&C, which is the same issue the Nissan Quest faces.

The Quest also suffers from poor driving dynamics and even poorer fuel efficiency.

The Toyota Sienna minivan ranks above the previous two vans, despite the fact that the interior and suspension are far from being the best.

Where it scores high is in cost of ownership, safety scores, and fuel economy.

This was a clearly defined bottom 3, but it was a tougher decision for the Motor Trend judges when deciding between 1 and 2.

The Honda Odyssey minivan and Kia Sedona are a cut above the others, but the overall package of the Odyssey doesn’t fit the price, particularly when it comes to cabin materials and fuel economy.

Those negatives outweigh the roominess and great list of features it delivers.

That leaves the 2015 Sedona minivan in the top spot.

It may not be the best in terms of cargo volume or fuel economy, but what it has in spades is style, comfort and a drivability that cannot be matched. It truly is the evolution of the minivan.

Here is what particularly impressed the folks at Motor Trend when driving Kia Sedona

Ride and handling – The judges who were part of the Motor Trend big comparison test drive were most swayed by this particular aspect of the Sedona.

One of the judges said that the handling of the vehicle was what set it apart, as he would feel safe taking his family out in it in ant type of road conditions.

Interior – People without kids will get a real kick out of the cabin that the new Sedona MPV delivers, with Nappa leather, real wood, and a killer infotainment system all on offer.

The second row is about as comfortable as it gets, as the captain’s chairs can recline and slide from side to side, as well as fore and aft.

Value – If you look at what you get for your money, then you have to be impressed with the features you get for your $43,295 investment in the Sedona.

The Motor Trend judges were quite simply blown away by the laundry list of features, as well as the high-quality materials used throughout the van.

They also loved all the state of the art technology found in the new Kia Sedona.

One thought on “New Kia Sedona MPV Wins 2015 Minivan Comparison Test Drive

  1. Claude says:

    I will buy a mini van this year. I like the Toyota Sienna se. The 3rd. row seats fold completely flat, and the second row is easily removed. This is not available on the other vans. The Sedona is 2nd in looks to me, but it is 45,000 and the Toyota is 38,000. The Honda is very ugly with that notch in the window line. The Quest and Town & Country are not on the list. Toyota service is very good, open on Saturday with mechanics lined up. I have never owned a Toyota, but I soon will. The Kia reliability is unknown, I don’t know anyone who will show me 300,000 on one, a 10 year 100k warranty is a plus. Honda should fire all their styling engineers. I also like the Swagger Wagon commercials. I like the SE looks, front and rear facia, euro tail lights, wheels and tires not bad for stock.

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