New Kia Sedona Minivan Commercial


An elegant looking vehicle tears round a banked track with a stunt driver behind the wheels.

The motion blur causes speedway fences to rattle, yet a trio of passengers in helmets and racing suits stretch out and relax in almost total quiet, seated in first-class lounge seating and seemingly oblivious to the maelstrom outside.

This is the 2015 Kia Sedona.

This is a vehicle that is set to turn the MPV world on its head.

The European inspired design, laundry list of technologies, rigid chassis, and upgraded center console make this MPV seem like a sports car.

The scene in question is taken form an ad spot called “Race Track,” which will be the first in a series of ads showing off the new car, as well as the folks that drive them.

There are a number of messages shown – “not what you’d expect” and “not a compromise” – before the main tagline of “It’s not a sports car. It’s a Sedona” is displayed.

Desire was one of the key themes is the engineering and design of the all-new Sedona, and the series of ads are intended to show that Kia is doing something different than expected.

The new 2015 Kia Sedona enters a bland segment with a level of style and sophistication that is sure to shake things up.

The ads were, as always, created by David&Goliath, and they will air until the early part of 2015.

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