Compared: 2023 Kia Seltos vs. 2022 Kia Soul

Kia Soul vs. Kia Seltos

Comparison of the two compact sized Kia models, the Soul crossover and Seltos SUV.

The funky Soul crossover and Seltos SUV are both categorized as compact sized vehicles.

They are about the same size, offer similar powertrain technology and are competitively priced. Yet, there are many differences between the two models.

We have put the Kia Soul and Kia Seltos side by side to compare the vehicle’s pricing, engine options, exterior dimensions, AWD availability, ground clearance, specs, etc.

Here are full details.

Kia Soul vs. 2023 Kia Seltos price comparison

Kia Soul$17,590$27,650FWD
Kia Seltos$22,840$28.340AWD

Prices exclude destination charge of $1.120

Engine & transmission

Kia Soul2.0L (147 horsepower)
1,6L Turbo (201 horsepower)
6-speed manual
7-speed DCT
Kia Seltos2,0L (146 horsepower)
1,6L Turbo (175 horsepower)
7-speed DCT

AWD availability

Kia SoulFWD
Kia SeltosFWD or AWD

Kia Soul vs. Kia Seltos size comparison

Kia SoulKia Seltos
Length165.2 in.172.0 in.
Width70.9 in.70.9 in.
Height63.0 in.63.6 in.
Wheelbase102.4 in.103.5 in.
Ground clearance6.7 in.7.3 in.
Trunk size24.2 cu. ft.26.6 cu. ft.

Let us know which vehicle would you choose, based on our quick comparison!


  1. Bruce Novak says:

    I have a Soul (EV) and enjoy it, but it sounds like the Seltos ICE is a better deal than the Soul ICE – longer wheelbase, interior cargo volume, passenger volume.

  2. James V Bernthold says:

    Had a 2012 exclaim bought it new no problems, just resent replaced it with a 2021 soul EX and LOVE it.So much to offer at a GREAT price! My only drawback, Kia are you ever going to make the soul awd it would be a HOMERUN!!!!!

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