Early look: 2010 Sorento images leaked


April the 1st is known to be the fools day.

A day when people make jokes out of each other or make up stories similar to that we have posted earlier today (Wind powered Kia Soul).

But rather than making fun all-day long, we are going to show you some real pictures of the brand-new Kia Sorento, that leaked to the web only a day before it’s official Korean unveiling.

In case you didn’t know, the 2009 Seoul Auto Show kicks off tomorrow and Kia will use the event to preview the revamped Sorento to the public for the first time!

Speaking in general, a dozen or so of new concept cars and production ready vehicles are expected to be unveiled during the auto show event. Each of the five Korean automakers, including Hyundai, Kia, GM Daewoo, Renault Samsung, and SsangYong Motor will preview at least one new model to it’s domestic consumers.

Taking the front stage at the show will be the Hyundai-Kia Automotive Group with Kia making three world premieres while parent Hyundai will also exhibit several new concept cars. One of the main attractions of this year’s Seoul Auto Show will most definitely be the all-new Sorento crossover, which will be displayed to the Korean car fans alongside Kia Forte hybrid and VG concept sedan.


Codenamed XM, the new Kia Sorento has received a complete styling makeover on the outside and inside as well. It’s attractive exterior has been penned by ex-Audi designer Peter Schreyer, who has been leading Kia’s design activities since 2006 when he joined the company.

The 2010 Sorento gets a styling that no doubtly follows the design direction boldly signposted by the KND-4 concept car, we have seen debuting at the 2007 Detroit Auto Show. It’s design incorporates a new face of Kia and includes the new signature grille with the shape of “tiger nose”.


Sorento’s engine line-up will include the 2.2 R-diesel engine, which packs a class leading 200 horsepower and delivers an impressive 33MPG (US), and a pair of gasoline engines:  2.4L Theta II gasoline engine with 175 hp. Once on sale in US, a 3.8 V6 Lambda engine will also be available. Also new and applied to Sorento for the first time will be an in-house developed six-speed automatic transmission.


The new Sorento heralds a plethora of standard features such as ventilated front seats, navigation system, start-stop ignition button, ECO-driving system, panoramic glass roof, LED technology equipped tail-lamps, JBL sound system and many others.

These are only the initial information, with more coming up soon! Check the blog tomorrow when we expect to get more images and official information on the 2010 Kia Sorento. Until then, enjoy these beautiful pics!


[Photo-source: Car.khan.co.kr]


  1. Patrick says:

    this has got to be the most quality focused kia to date. everything i can see reeks of quality. props to kia if this is any indication of the actual quality of the prodict.

  2. BJD(Boris) says:

    the car actually looks good from the back [second-last pic] but if its looked at an angle [last pic], it looks wrong.

  3. Špela says:

    This Sorento looks very nice!

  4. himi says:

    This must be the best Kia we have ever seen! It has everything in the package, a good looking exterior, the most attractive interior of any kias up to date and competitive powertrain technologies!

  5. OzyTone says:

    I can feel my hand reaching for that back pocket………keep it coming Kia. I can’t wait until tomorrow.

  6. Martin1491 says:

    Hmm, even if it has mostly lost its off-road capabilities, I think it will more than exceed the out going model in ever other way, from build quality, to power train and how it drives. Love it. Would really really like to see one in the metal now, more so than before.

  7. BernardP says:

    I like everything about the design, inside and out, except the D-pillar which is too heavy. The dashboard and instrument panel look better than those from Audi, Mercedes and BMW.

  8. Kid Icarus says:

    I love the camel leather seats…very classy look.

  9. i love it. everything about it. its gunna prove very valuable to kia. good job. but i will miss the old sorento’s truck frame 🙁 but thats just my preference.

  10. Jason says:

    Any chance the XM will be available with a manual transmission in the USA? This vehicle looks fancy. Nice job Kia. Hopefully USA will get the LED tail lamps. 🙂

  11. Wow I guess I’ll be the black sheep of the lot. I can’t stand it. It lacks the individuality required to be sucessful. It looks like a Borrego from the rear, the wood grain is old and was part of the downfall for the Amanti, the steering wheel is ugly, and much better designed on the Soul and Forte. I will say however that it looks good outside from the B-pillar forward. For me, I think they have missed on this one.

  12. Bryan says:

    The new 2010 Kia Sorento looks so awesome, ya know, if it’s no longer BOF, it is kind of sad, but, a lot of people want a large, attractive SUV like this new Sorento to carry their family members around in style. They’ve got just that with this new Sorento. Mah-va-lous job, Peter Schreyer and Co.! Kia just keeps getting better and better every 6 months. Improvement can be seen more often than just every year with this carmaker.

  13. Kid Icarus says:

    I would be very surprised if they offered the XM with a manual tranny….there just isn’t a market for it in the US.

  14. Jason says:

    Kid Icarus- I understand your point, but there used to be a manual equipped Sorento, before the 2006 MY came out (I think it was 2006- I know it coincided with the Sportage becoming available with 4WD and a manual transmission). I know it wasn’t as popular, but it bugs me how so many vehicles no (from all manufacturers) skip the manual transmission option. I know Kia has it’s “Sportmatic” but that’s not the same as a driver selected gear, when the driver gives his/her input, engaging when they let off of the clutch.

    Oh yeah, I love this meter cluster. That glow is beautiful! Also, is the XM going to be available with 7 passenger seating?

  15. OzyTone says:

    Some people love it and some do not. This a completely normal human reaction, otherwise we’d be driving around in the sames cars and going out with women that are clones of each other, in the guys case anyway.
    Wow, we must have been lucky here in Australia as far as the manual tranny is concerned, we have it even in the diesel model LX, which is the lowest model here in Oz. The higher models don’t have it though.
    For the 3rd row seats, I hope at least they fold flat into the floor like the Pajero does and not folded back to each side of the vehicle like Toyota do with their Land Cruiser.

  16. OzyTone says:

    Does anybody have the same trouble as me with the Seoul Motor Show web-site. Some or most of the buttons on there don’t work when you click them. For instance the event calendar??


  17. Greg says:

    I love everything except the d-pillar and how the taillights just end right at the seam, yuck. Oh, and I found that the Sportmatic can be driven quite like a manual. If you let off the gas completely as you are pushing the shifter knob forward, you feel the next gear engage, very much like what you get with a manual. They really screwed up the steering wheel on the Sorento, too. Hopefully the interior is slightly different (no JBL audio, conventional Sportmatic – not this screwed up style) for the US spec model.

  18. BJD(Boris) says:

    does it have a third row?

  19. HyundaiSmoke says:

    Its a shame people Judge KIAs by the weird quirky look, as opposed to their reliablity. Which is better than BMW, VW,, and Chrysler, as opposed to how they really work .

  20. Yeah, row three is available.

  21. OzyTone says:

    Any word yet about the new Sorento release yet?? The Seoul Motor Show has a press only day today we know, but it’s been going for quiet a few hours now, what’s holding them up??

  22. Greg says:

    himi is still sleeping. It is only like 6 am where he’s at.

  23. Greg Chajee says:

    Do you know why they do not put manuals/sticks in the Sorento? Emission Issue, everytime the clutch is depressed to shift, there is a momentary increase in HC. since the vehicles are measured in PPM. Particulates Per Mile. By using drive by wire and automatic transmission it is easier to achieve the CAFE ratings..

  24. Jason says:

    hahahah even Kia is getting better at build quality than stupid Gm models, *cough* Chrysler 300C, worst build quality in it’s price, or less expensive cars. I like everything about this Car, Now let’s see how Hyundai could do better with New gen. Santa Fe

  25. jafar says:

    that is very nice,bout alittle. expensive

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