Kia Owners Talk: Eugene from UK

Pictures of Kia Sorento tuning

My name is Eugene and I am from Northern Ireland. After buying my Sorento back in 2004 I found a distinct lack of Sorento accessories, advice and knowledge about the vehicle.

I was staggered to find hundreds of Sorento owners in the same position as myself and today some 3 years later we have the largest Sorento forum in the UK with membership currently standing at just under 2000 and exclusive discounts on insurance and accessories available to members.

1. Tell us something about your Sorento ownership experience?
I have found the Sorento a real pleasure to own so far, a super vehicle and a real workhorse with many diverse uses and the ability to tackle anything I have thrown at it so far.

2. How long have you owned your Sorento?
I have owned my Sorento for over 4 years after buying it new in January 2004.

3. What cars did you own before?
I have owned many types of cars from 1976, memorable ones include a Vauxhall Chevette 2300HS, a BMW 2002 and an Audi Quattro. Ones to forget include a Mini, a Hillman Hunter and a Vauxhall Cavalier as well. I started to drive 4×4’s about 10 years ago and owned 3 Vauxhall Fronteras before production stopped in late 2003 and I replaced it with my Kia Sorento.

kia-sorento-tuning2.jpg     kia-sorento-tuning4.jpg     kia-sorento-tuning6.jpg

4. Honestly, what was your intention when you bought your Sorento?
My initial intention was to keep it for 3 years then trade it for a new one but when the 3 years were up I found I had added so much to my Sorento and there wasn’t enough changes to the new model to make me want to change so I still have it.

5. In a few words, describe the style of your Sorento?
I like to describe my Sorento as “noticeable” though I have heard it described by others as many different things.

6. What do you like the most about Sorento?
My Sorento though customised is still an every day workhorse and gets little time to sit around and this alone makes it a great vehicle in my opinion. I like the Sorento’s ability to tackle different situations the most. I like the way it has the ability to tackle rough off road situations, having been on the Blue Stack Mountains in Donegal, Eire and on Ben Nevis in Scotland with it and it can also munch up miles of tarmac driving with relative ease, a great all round vehicle in my estimation.

7. Is there anything you don’t like about it?
Not a lot really, a few niggles during the warranty but sorted out by a great local dealer and I suppose I could moan about fuel consumption but I bought it knowing it was a 2 tonne lump of metal!

8. What is it that makes your Sorento look unique?
I think the contrast between the Black and the Chrome makes it stand out, hard to keep clean with many hours spent with the polishing cloths but definitely gives me the “smile factor” when it’s done.

9. What accessories have you installed so far?
The list is endless with accessories being replaced on a regular basis, so far they include:

Engine Bay Modifications
GriffinMotorTuning Powerbox
K&N Air Filter
Dual Horns

Exterior Accessories
Quad HID Headlight Conversion
Alteeza Dark Chrome Tail Lights
KDM Grille
KDM Badges
18” Chrome ATP Rims
Chrome Fog Light trims
Cobra Chrome A Bar
Cobra Chrome Side Bars
Dual S/S Full Exhaust System
LED Door Mirrors
Front Climair Wind Deflectors
Chrome Side Repeater Lights
Chrome A Pillar Trims
Chrome Rear Door Strip
BFG All Terrain Tyres
Chrome Wheel Trims
Chrome Centre Caps
Privacy Glass
Kia Roof Bars
Kia Sunroof Wind Deflector
Bosch Aerotwin wipers

Interior Accessories
Bluetooth DVD/CD Freeview TV System
Rear headrest DVD Players
Interior Chrome Accessory Pack
Scanguage 2 Data System
Parrot CK3100 Phone Kit

There are probably more but remembering them all is getting harder.

kia-sorento-tuning3.jpg     kia-sorento-tuning8.jpg     kia-sorento-tuning7.jpg

10. What’s next?
I’m in the process of upgrading the tuning box to a newer model with more settings and better performance from GriffinMotorTuning.

11. Products of which tuning company did you use?
The majority of my accessories have come from Taff at whose prices, service and after sales has been outstanding, nothing is too much trouble for him.
I have also got products sent from James at again some super products.
Kia themselves and good old EBay have also produced some good results when searching for accessories.

12. How would you rate your car; on a scale from 1 to 10?
It’s hard to rate your own vehicle I always think, I tend to be a bit critical of myself and would probably rate it about 7/10.

13. How would you pimp your ride if you had no limits?
No limits would see an awesome audio visual system and a massive suspension lift.

14. What do people say about your Sorento?
Comments are many and diverse depending on whether you like chrome or not and include:”how do you keep her sooooooooooooo clean”
“Very nice!!!!! It must be nice to be able to get up and drive down to the beach”
“very bonnie very bonnie in deed”

Other comments can be found dotted throughout www.UKSorento.Com

15. What would you advise to Kia owners who might be looking to customize their cars in future?
I would say that customising your Sorento is a very personal thing, what suits my taste is not necessarily what others find nice. It’s best to find a good company with good after sales willing to advise you about what they think and not just looking for the hard sell and get you out the door every time. Look around the forums and hear what other owners have done to their Sorento’s, there’s always plenty of pictures to get a good idea of how things will look.

16. Do you see yourself as a future Kia owner?
Hard to say, I feel Kia has a long way to go with their dealerships and customer service, the good dealers are getting harder to find and the new ones are concentrating on getting sales figures, unfortunately customer service seems to be becoming a thing of the past.

Thank you Eugene!


  1. Bryan says:

    Eugene, yours is the best looking Sorento I’ve ever seen! Is that color gunmetal grey? Wow, looks great, man! What kind of gas mileage are you getting?

  2. himi says:

    I like it too. Especially the front headlights, which give his Sorento very futuristic and concept-like look. As Bryan said this is one of the best looking Sorentos and I couldn’t agree more with him.

  3. Eugene says:

    Thanks for the comments guys, it’s great to see the Sorento appreciated.
    Bryan the Sorento is Ebony Black with Pewter Grey on the bottom half. The mpg from the 2.5 Diesel engine with the 4 speed Auto box depends on my style of driving, with the Powerbox turned up I get roughly 175Bhp and 340nm of torque and I tend to use it so the mpg is about 28. If I drive some distance and get a steady speed it goes up to around 32mpg, if I turn the Powerbox off I get around 26mpg.

  4. Bryan says:

    Wow, Eugene, there’s nothing wrong with that kind of gas mileage at all! I repeat, that is the best looking Sorento I’ve ever seen and is testimony to Kia’s skill and craftsmanship and your hard work Eugene. Enjoy it to the hilt!

  5. Simon says:

    You deserve a medal my friend for the amount of time that you’ve spent setting up and moderating the UK Sorento Forum. The fact that we have nearly 2000 members is testiment to your hard work and is something that you should be very proud of.
    I for one have found the Forum to be a great source of information and has spurned me to do many modifications to my own Sorento that I would never have thought of or attempted without the support from yourself and the other Forum members.
    All the best buddy

  6. yassir says:

    Where did you get the Alteeza Dark Chrome Tail Lights? is it a a tail light from Alteeza? is altezza tail light fits or has the same size as sorento tail light?

  7. Greg says:

    Get every Sorento accessory known to man by clicking my name in red.

  8. Eugene says:

    Yassir, I got the dark chrome Alteeza units just after the Sorento was new, they were a direct replacement for the original units but as far as I know they are no longer being manufactured, only the bright chrome units.

    Grerg, Thanks for the link but I already know James and sometimes buy stuff from him.

  9. Mirco says:

    x mount circles alloy from 18 ° inches (can be approved).

  10. Mike says:

    NEED HELP…I also have the Alteeza dark chrome tailights but I was rear ended by some tool. Now they can’t find these lights to replace them…any help finding a set would be HUGELY appreciated.

    send email to [email protected] Many thanks!!!!!!!

  11. jobon says:

    hi scuse my english but i would like headlight for my kia sorento 2003

  12. Kenn says:


  13. DON says:

    Please could you help find some headlights for a KIA sorento from 2007.
    Tuning parts for this car.

  14. Gaëtan says:

    I Search calndre whit logo Kia.

    The same from de picture.

    Can you help me ?


  15. Eugene says:

    Thanks for the comments and questions, remember if you don’t get a quick reply here look in at the UKSorento Forum over at and I can answer much more quickly.

    @Kenn/Jobon: The headlights came from Taff at, can be got with HID bulbs or standard.

    @Don: The Powerbox Tuning box for the diesel Sorento came from Taff at again, new remote control one has programmable settings and can be set up for another vehicle if you sell the Sorento.

    @Gaetan: The logos and badges on my Sorento are all from the domestic market in Korea but again Taff at has them in stock.

  16. jesus orea says:

    form kia 2007- 2009?
    form spain.tank you!!

  17. Randy says:

    For your information Im from Brunei. I would like to ask you whare can I buy the headlights?? How much would be the prices?? As you said the like came from Taff at Been try to check in the website but still can’t find. Please help me how to get this headlights.

    Thanks & Regards

  18. LO Laurent says:

    Your Kia Sorento is very nice. I have just bought a Sorento two weeks ago. I would like to personalize my car. I look for web site without succes. Could you give me some web site about this king of car ?
    Thanks & best regards.

  19. todd says:

    i love how this sorento looks and would love to know where i can get the headlights, tail lights, and grille to make my sorento stand out. please if anyone knows, let me know where i can get these parts. thank you

  20. Very nice blog thanks alot for sharing your wisdom

  21. Qalid says:

    Hi, I extremely admired to your unique Kia Sorento headlight, picture #3. How much is it? Where can I oder it ?


  22. Marc says:

    What is the brand of your headlight kit ?

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