Next-Generation Kia Sorento (2022) Spied In South Korea

Kia Sorento spy shots

Best-selling Kia 7-seater SUV due in for a big styling makeover.

Straight out of South Korea comes a series of spy shots that show the 2022 Kia Sorento prototype, albeit under some rather heavy camouflage.

Developed under the codename MQ4, this model will replace the current Sorento model, which is coming to the end of its 6-year lifecycle.

Recently, there have been several prototypes spotted out on the road, which suggests that Kia are in the final states of pre-production testing. This makes sense, as the new model is set to arrive in showrooms in the early part of next year.

The new Kia Sorento will make its debut in South Korea sometime in 2020. After that, probably within a few months, it will be available as a 2022 model in Canada and the US.

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2022 Kia Sorento spy shots

Like all the previous spy shots, these images don’t show us very much, as that camouflage is about as heavy as it gets.

That said, there are some visible parts that allow us to make some assumptions about how the new generation Sorento crossover might look without the camo.

When compared to the current model, this one appears to be a little bolder and boxier. It would seem that Kia have lifted some of the design cues seen on the new Telluride SUV, although there will still be plenty of elements designed to keep models unique.

Also seen in the spy pics are big alloy wheels painted black, as well as the now familiar Kia signature grille, with this one surrounded by chrome. There are some subtle changes to the grille, with the new look being a little edgier than what the current model has.

What we can’t see, but which we know are coming in the new model, are some big enhancements that will help with the ride and handling. The use of Kia’s “Smart Stream” powertrain technology will also deliver an improvement in fuel efficiency.

Besides the standard model, we can expect to see both a hybrid and a plug-in hybrid models made available. (Source:

Stay tuned for more news about the 2022 Kia Sorento redesign!


  1. Jamayl says:

    This makes the 4th generation Sorento I think. The Sorento has come a long way from 2003 to 2021?

    2003 to 2010 1st generation
    2011 to 2016 2nd generation
    2017 to 2020 3rd generation
    2021…….. 4rh generation
    That’s a lot of Sorentos….

    Speaking of SUVs. GM may have messed up on the new Blazer because it seems that truck look alike base crossovers are the future and not car like crossovers. Example the new Rav4 looks truck like. The Explorer is truck like. Ford Bronco is Truck like. Hyundai Palisade and Kia Telluride are Trucklike. Also the next Sorento appears Truck like. Highlander also has that truck look to it.

    The next Sorento looks ready to tackle the Subaru Acent and Highlander and next Generation Edge.

  2. Jamayl says:

    The Telluride ‘s little brother.

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