Kia Commences Production Of The Soul Crossover


Here are the latest spy shots of new Kia Soul taken by the guys over at the

This prototype of the new Kia Soul was spotted in Germany, when undergoing final phase of testing before it goes to production.

These latest spy shots and our production ready Soul images suggest that it won’t take long before Kia officially takes the wraps of the new Soul.

Kia confirmed production version of Soul is scheduled to make it’s world debut at Paris Auto Show, held in September.

Along with the image above, came the information that Kia has already started trial production of the new car, code-named AM, at its plant in Gwangju, 329 kilometers south of Seoul.

Production is estimated to reach 100.000 units per year! See more pics after the jump. (photo:  


  1. Boris (K-Sport) says:

    I really like soul’s wheels

  2. Boris (K-Sport) says:

    Its got the SOUL searcher’s wing mirrors. the short overhang at the rear and long one in front looks strange because the rear is usually longer than the front overhangs. so its being made at the same plants as sportage so thats probably the reason why the headlights remind me of sportages headlights.
    I hope it wont the sirius engine but that is not available 1.6, right? so it will probably get rio’s(AlphaII) engine or cerato’s (BetaII) engine. The elentra’s (Gamma) engine is also a possibility. I’m only considering these engines as they are available in 1.6L . I wont comment on what the 2.0L will be but it shouldnt be a sirius.

  3. Diego says:

    in gwangju the sportage is buid too… (list with hyundai/kia engines)

  4. Boris (K-Sport) says:

    they have a long list of engines with 2.0L options thats why I wont comment on them. but I hope they use thetaII or betaII for the 2.0L unit.

  5. himi says:

    I don’t like those wheels as they look a bit small! Those must be 15″ or 16″. But there will be a set of 18″ avaliable as an option and those wheels will fit the Soul perfectly.

  6. Boris (K-Sport) says:

    the concept’s wheels looked great.

  7. himi says:

    I’m really excited to hear that Kia has begun the production of Soul, cause I can’t wait for it! If lucky, the Soul might replace my rusty, 98 Hyundai Accent!

  8. Boris (K-Sport) says:

    all it needs is a 4wd or awd then that would make a good package.

  9. Colby says:

    AWD would be the most likely set up if they do go for it. 4wd would be too bulky for the little soul and probly weigh it down a bit too.

  10. himi says:

    There will be no AWD on Soul unfortunatelly!

  11. Jason says:

    Himi: Any idea which engine it will use? I’d guess they’d give it the 2.0L because it’s probably too big to just get the 1.6L. If they turbocharged the 1.6L I’m sure it could use that, but I don’t know of any turbo factory equip that Kia has in the near future. Though there is the turbo for the Genesis Coupe for 2010…

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