Canada: Kia Soul EVs Coming To Dealers Near You

Kia Soul EV in white color

First models of the 2020 Soul EV reach Canadian Kia dealerships.

We recently revealed that the arrival of the Kia Soul EV in the US was being pushed back to 2020, but that is not the case north of the border in Canada, where the all-electric Soul is already on display in showrooms.

As you can see from the pictures here, the shipments of the Soul EV arriving in Canada are on the larger volume side of things.

For example, Harris Kia in Nanaimo, BC received 7 of the all-electric Kia Soul EV models in their first shipment. The photos shown here are courtesy of one of our regular website visitors (thanks for the pics Dave B.).

Since some of the vehicles still have a vinyl covering, it is clear that they have just been delivered to the dealership.

The white vinyl, which covers areas such as the roof, hood, and alloy wheels, are there to protect the vehicle while it is being transported to the dealership.

This is an essential level of protection given that the vehicles are not placed in containers while being transported and are therefore subject to potential damage from road debris.

Kia Soul EV in Space Green color

2020 Soul EV painted in different exterior colors

Another thing that you will see here are some of the cool exterior colors that you get when purchasing the Canadian version of the Soul electric car. There are 5 different paint colors spread across the 7 individual Soul EV’s.

You can see a black Soul EV, as well as blue, white, and dark grey, but it’s the lime green one that really pops out. In Canada, this eye-catching exterior color is known as Space Green and is also available on a gas-powered Soul funky car.

Black Kia Soul electric car in Canada

Kia Soul EV price in Canada

Dealers in Canada had been taking preorders of the Soul EV for a while before it was finally made available to the buying public on May 1st.

Since it’s already available, we have a clear idea of the pricing for each of the two Soul EV trim levels. The entry-level Premium starts at $42,595, while the fully loaded Kia Soul EV Limited price starts at $51,595 (in Canada!).

Blue-painted Soul electric vehicle

Electric Soul eligible for government incentive

The pricing is a bit of a masterstroke by Kia, as starting this model in the $42,000 range means that buyers will be eligible for a $5,000 government incentive when they purchase the Soul EV. That is on top of the $5000 already being offered in British Columbia and the $8,000 incentive in Quebec.

With that in mind, residents in Quebec can get behind the wheel of an EV with a range of 383 km for less than $30,000.

The price of the new 2020 Kia Soul EV in Canada also undercuts some of its competition. The Hyundai Kona EV has a starting price of $45,000, while the sibling Niro EV starts at $44,995.

Kia Soul EV in dark gray color


Kia are breaking ground in Canada by becoming one of the only automakers to offer two distinct EV models in the same region (Soul EV and Niro EV). This allows Canadian car buyers to choose between a short- or long-range models, allowing them to get the electric vehicle that best suits their individual lifestyle needs.

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