Beautiful Black Kia Soul With Yellow Alloys & Decals

Kia Soul in black

The winner of November’s Kia Soul of the month competition is a proud owner of black Kia Soul with really attractive black-yellow alloy-wheels and striking decals.

We asked the owner a few questions about his ride and here are some thoughts from him.

Enjoy your read!

1. How long have you owned your Soul and what are your experiences so far?
We’ve had the car since August and we couldn’t be more pleased. We get stopped by people asking what it is all of the time. It is also truly a pleasure to drive. Sitting at a stop light or in a parking lot, virtually anyone that sees it has to do a double take. It’s quite interesting.

2. If you had to pick one thing what was it that really sold you on the Kia Soul?
I think just the unique style of the Soul. It doesn’t look like anything else and it stands out in a crowd. Sharon didn’t want to drive something plain.

3. Did you name your Soul?

4. How and when did you find out about the new Soul?
TV commercial.

5. Can you tell us some interesting comments that you have heard about your ride from friends, family and other people?
People are always staring at it. Women look at the car, men look at the wheels. People ask what it is, where we got it, if it came this way etc. It’s quite entertaining.


6. What are your plans as far as modifications? Are you interested in that at all?
We took the 18 inch wheels off for the winter and replaced them with 16 inch steel wheels and winter tires.

We’ve added a bug deflector from Kia and may entertain a wing for the back. We’ll see what happens in the spring.

7. Is this your first Kia product? What vehicles have you owned before your Soul?
Sharon has had two Magentis’ before. We traded the last one in for the new Soul.

8. Did you change your attitude toward Kia products since you’ve bought the Soul?
We still think Kia is a great product.


Congratulations for your win & enjoy your ride!


  1. Bryan says:

    Congrats on a great new product from Kia ! Love those wheels, for sure for sure! Actually, I love the whole package there.

  2. Wow, looks stunning. Eye-catching but nice and cohesive

  3. Martin says:

    That’s mad!

  4. Derrious says:


  5. Soul driver says:

    I like also the position of hands…. I love details 🙂

  6. Did you notice the hand on the bonnet? No horn their mate………

  7. did you notice the blinkers are now been moved to the end of headlights

  8. Chajee Pojee says:

    Did you name your soul? Yes..what the heck did he name it? What country are you from? Let’s see some more pictures?

  9. woow, that is great. way to go Kia City. call us for more like this one at (403)243-9997. Congrat to you guys. Thanks, Ash.

  10. BJD (Boris) says:

    grahame. the blinkers are still below the headlights. the orange bit on the side of the lights are orange retro-reflectors which is compulsory for cars sold in US.

  11. Gary L says:

    We are in Canada. FYI, Ashraf is the guy that sold us this little critter. There are many more pics on the KiaSoulForums website.

  12. Mika P. says:

    Wow, what a great design. Mika likes it. Way to go Kia City.

  13. Bryan says:

    This new Soul in yeller and black is my favorite Soul design package, followed by the new Special Edition #2 OEM straight from the Kia factory. These guys just keep getting better and better. I look forward in earnest to HyunKia knocking off Toyota but then also staying above Nissan and Honda and GM(that one shouldn’t be too tough!!)and then de-throning VW for the top automaker in the world award. Can you all see this one getting set up to be quite the battle? I think the U.S. domestic automaker the most on the ball is Ford Motor Company. Largely because of the efforts of my former Boeing boss, Alan Mulally. I must admit it, the guy’s got competent balls to not only keep Ford above drowning but to restore them to their former glory. It’s in progress, not yet done, but this guy is giving them a fighting chance. I mean, it all basically started in da States, right? Should everything just dry up and die automotively in the U.S.? Don’t really believe so, car freaks.

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