Best Kia Soul Hamster Toys, Decals You Can Buy


Great selection of the best Kia Soul hamster toys, decals and accessories!

There’s a lot to love about the Kia Soul. It’s a funky little crossover vehicle that features “boxy” styling, highly advanced powertrain technology and a plethora of unique aftermarket car accessories.

Perhaps the most fun and loveable product related to the Kia Soul are the hamster toys. You’ve probably heard of the Soul hamster commercial, right? Well, those dancing hamsters can now be bought online!

You can consider those as a fun gift to your kids or someone who drives the Soul crossover vehicle.

We have compiled a list of 5 best Kia hamster toys and accessories for your Soul.

#1. Plush Kia Soul hamster toy


Check pricing and real consumer reviews here (…


The Soul hamster is about 7-inch tall and features a Kia brand logo. Made of high grade materials!

Customer review (there are 26 more): It is adorable. I keep it in the car with me and get lots of smiles and compliments! Cool stuff!

#2 Soul hamster seat belt buddy


–> Price and real consumer reviews here…


Review from

“Everyone that gets into the car loves it. I have one for the front seats and back seatbelts and everyone falls for them!” (Mary).


#3. Soul hamster windshield / sunshade

Keep your car cool!

This great-looking Kia Soul sunshade protects your car’s interior from the sun and heat, while proudly featuring the loveable Soul hamsters.

–> Full details on Kia Soul hamster sunshade

Best customer review: “My wife and I are huge Kia hamster fans, so this sun shade was an easy decision for us. Plus, not all sun shades fit all cars, universally. This one fits our 2013 Soul perfectly!” (by Relayer).


#4. Kia Soul Plush Hoody Hamster Key Chain

Small plush hamster keychain is a cool addition to your car. With the size of only 2.75 inch it makes the perfect companion for anyone.

This is also the cheapest one of all Kia Soul hamster toys and accessories!

We have checked the for top-looking Kia Soul keychain desings and created this list here.


#5. Soul hamster window decal

Kia Soul Hamster Decal


–> Cool hamster sticker – price & real consumer reviews


A very nice Kia Soul window sticker – funny hamster, which comes available in different sizes.

The store you can buy it from, states its approximately 7 inches tall x 4 inches wide. You can use it on your Soul window.

This cute Soul window decal is made of professional vinyl and has an outdoor lifespan up to 7 years in all weather conditions.

Note: Pictures and reviews published above come courtesy of! You can buy all of the above-mentioned hamster toys there.


  1. Cindie Romanofsky says:

    Do you have any idea, at all, where I can buy a couple Kia Soul Plush Hoody Hamster Key Chains?? I can’t seem to find any. Any direction you could give me would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks.

  2. Donna says:

    I am looking for a kia sole Red and black or black with red strips matchbox car where can I get one

  3. Priscilla Vincent says:

    I just purchased my second Soul and I want a hamster decal. Please advise. Thank you.

  4. John Mcclure says:

    The rear window hamster glass decal looks great. Do u have them for side glass

  5. Marti Devich says:

    I’m looking for a decal or cardboard cut out of the hampster for my daughter’s Soul. Any idea where I can get a large one?

  6. Kathy says:

    Just bought my first Kia, love it! Do you make floor mats with the hamsters on it? Also, what decals do you have to offer(really would like the female hamster). Do you have any other license plates, other than the green Kia in the background?

  7. Marge says:

    where can I purchase the decals of the hamsters from the commercial or the sun shade???????

  8. Bunnie Carter says:

    I would like the commercial hamsters on a side window both sides. different hamsters. can this be made or is it in existence? Or do I have to go to a decal company and have it custom made?

  9. John Walton says:

    approx. 8″ x 10″ rear window decal that shows a side view of a

    kia Soul, and it says I love my toaster

  10. Marie says:

    I want a hamstar cutout! Why don’t you sell them!?!?

  11. Kathie says:

    I want to buy a hamster cardboard cut out. How can I get one?

  12. chance sweet says:

    Kathie please contact me at 606-425-0525 I have a cardboard cut out for sale of the girl hamster

  13. Teri Hewitt says:

    I want seat covers for my Soul, and I’d love the back window
    decal..Does anyone know where I can buy either of these items.

  14. Adriane Mapp says:

    My daughter just got her first KIA Soul, we are looking for hamster bobble heads, need two one for her BFF, who also has a KIA Soul

  15. Mary Brooks says:

    I’m looking for a license plate for my new KIA Soul – maybe with hamsters or ???

  16. KAAREN WARD says:

    all i want is a baby hamster plush toy to sit in my car they are so cute that why i bought a KIA SOUL I WAS PROMEST a stuffed hamster they never got for me i,am hurt because i took him at face vaule ,and i still don,t have a hammey that was my hamster name when i was a kid KAAREN.

  17. MizDizzyMizzy says:

    I don’t know when this article was posted, but of the 5 items they list, the only 2 available are the plain Soul logo sunshade & the white hamster sticker. I just bought a new Soul & was looking for cool accessories… disappointing.

  18. Mary Birge says:

    I am looking for sunshade for front window of my Kia Soul. I want one with the 2 hamsters on it with just the faces. Saw one on a car but where do you get them??? Have looked all over the web.

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