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With the end of the year fast approaching, you can expect to see “Best of” lists and “Top X” lists starting to show up all over the place.

With that in mind, we have also put together a similar list with Top 5 Kia Soul video reviews.

There has certainly been a lot to talk about in the world of the Kia Soul, starting with the design changes made for the second generation model.

Yes, the iconic Soul look is still there, but the interior and the ride are where all the rave reviews are going.

Let’s not forget the trio of hip-hop hamsters, all of whom underwent a makeover of their own, with a little help from the music of Lady Gaga.

We have also featured a pair of Kia Soul drivers here on the blog as part of our ongoing series about what it means to own a Kia vehicle.

One of the biggest talking points in the world of the Soul right now has to do with the EV, the all-electric version of the Soul that will be arriving in the latter part of next year.

Top 5 Soul Reviews At Tests New Soul Corssover

We have checked several pages at the to find a top-rated Kia Soul review.

We find this video the best as it provides some cool insights into the history of Kia Soul and compares it to some of its rivals including the Nissan Juke and Mini Countryman.

It also mentions available trim levels and reveals some of the exclusive features of the second generation Kia Soul.

Furthermore, the video also reveals Kia’s working on a Soul EV, which is slated to go on sale in the USA late next year. Enjoy the vid!

2. First Generation Soul vs. Second Generation Model Comparison

The second video on the “Top 5” list is a visual comparison of the previous generation Soul and the latest model. With both Souls parked close to each other, you can compare exterior design differences between the two models.

3. Road Test With Alex Lefriec

Join host Alex Lefriec for a test drive of the Solar Yellow Kia Soul. This is a very informative road test with Alex pointing out some great facts about the redesigned model. Among others, you’ll get to know more details about the Soul’s vastly improved ride and handling, and new interior features.

4. Soul First Drive in Minneapolis

The “First drive in Minneapolis” is a perfect video for those who have already researched the second-generation Soul crossover vehicle in details. The video is an excellent blend of good scenery and some cool music. No talking!

5. 2014 Kia Soul First Drive By Consumer Reports

The title says it all. The U.S. renowned Consumer Reports was actually the very-first media to publish a video review of the all-new Kia Soul. Short and informative, the video reveals some important facts about the 2014 Soul and its improvements.

Have heard of any new Kia Soul video reviews lately? Please let us know, so we can update the list here.

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