Kia Canada To Launch Soul Two-Tone Special Edition Model


Canadian Kia dealerships are all set to put on sale the very-exclusive Soul Two-Tone Special Edition model!

The Canadian buyers of new Kia Soul will soon be able to get their hands on this highly-exclusive Soul special edition model.

Called Soul Two-Tone, the special edition vehicle will offer a two-tone exterior body color and exclusive body-kit.

Apart from that, the special edition model will also feature a set of stylish alloy wheels with the size of 18-inch, sporty kit with contrasting color accents, as well as unique floor mats and trim inside.

The model is built on the SX trim (available in Canada) which provides an extraordinary value and sportiness to the Kia customers.

Exclusive Color Combinations

According to the source close to Kia, the Soul SE model will offer 3 color combinations:

Polar White

  • Soul Special Edition WhiteRoof / Spoiler / Mirror / Accents: RED
  • Wheel inserts: RED
  • Body skirts: POLAR WHITE

Fathom Blue

  • Soul Fathom Blue Special EditionRoof / Spoiler / Mirror / Accents: WHITE
  • Wheel inserts: DARK METALLIC GRAY
  • Body skirts: FATHOM BLUE

Inferno Red

  • Inferno red Kia Soul SERoof / Spoiler / Mirror / Accents: BLACK
  • Wheel inserts: GLOSS BLACK
  • Accents: RED


The MSRP price of the upcoming Soul special edition model is $25,695 (Canada).

Image Gallery

Soul SE   White SPecial Edition


  1. himi says:

    Yup, the car is getting really popular in the States!

  2. Andre says:

    I have a 2016 Soul + with two-tone White and Red, purchased in PA. I would like to order the Red wheel Inserts. Are they actually separate pieces and if so, where do I find them. If not, where do I find the wheels with Red Inserts?

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