Super Rare Cherry Black / Inferno Red Kia Soul EV (5 Close-Up Images)


Have a look at these cool pictures of an eye-catching 2015 Kia Soul EV in Inferno red + Cherry black color combination!

We recently spoke to an owner from Los Angeles who had just landed the new all-electric Soul EV, but thought it would be great to share another interview with you on the same subject.

What sets this owner apart, besides having a very hard to get vehicle, is that he is in possession of a super-rare black-red painted Kia Soul EV.

The ownership experience started online, as Steve was able to negotiate with the Kia dealer via online chat. That meant that there were no surprises at the time of signing.

Better yet, the online manager fully explained all of the features, and even helped with the set-up of the UVO system.

While Steve is delighted with his experience so far, he did admit to being a little anxious about making the switch to the EV model.

After doing the financial juggling, he decided that a lease was the way to go, as this would allow him to change up if the technology continues to improve in years to come.

His main reasons for making the switch were to save on fuel costs, whilst also leaving a much smaller carbon footprint.

It very much a case of so far, so good, as he loves the smooth, quiet ride that the car offers as well as the ability to charge the car up while at home.

Steve also loves that the EV maintains the iconic Soul style, and does not go with the somewhat less traditional styling that other electric cars seem to favor.

He has given the Kia Soul EV a major thumbs up, as have the other people that he has shown it to, which is a lot, given that he has the very unique Cherry Black / Inferno Red Soul electric model.

1. Tell us something about your Kia Soul EV ownership experience so far!

It has been fantastic! I was able to negotiate a fair deal through the online chat of the dealer where I leased the car, and there were no surprises when I arrived at the dealer to sign the papers.

They had the car washed and polished for me, and fully charged. The internet manager walked me through the main features of the car, and helped me get the UVO app synced up.

Since driving off the lot, I have been thrilled with the Soul EV and am eager to drive it whenever I get the opportunity. The kids never saw me so enthusiastic to take them or pick them up from school, practice, friend’s, etc!

Kia Soul Electric Picture  Soul EV Colors

2. Did you have any second thoughts purchasing an electric vehicle?

I think it’s natural for anyone to have second thoughts whenever you make a change like this, and I am no different.

I am fairly pragmatic, so it took me a while to work through my financial hesitation to buy/lease an EV versus a gas powered car which could be obtained for far less.

Also, since electric vehicle technology is likely to improve over the next several years, I was uncertain as to the future value of a 2015 Kia EV, which is why I ended up leasing.

3. Honestly, what was your intention when you bought your red/black Kia Soul EV?

My primary intention was to have a fun car that will save on fuel costs, allow me to drive in the HOV lane while solo, and be part of the solution to cleaner air and less dependence on foreign oil.

4. What do you like the most about your Kia Soul electric car?

I love how it drives. It’s so quiet and smooth, and while it won’t break any speed records, it’s gets a pretty good start off the line.

I am also getting used to “one pedal driving” by using “B” mode which more aggressively uses regenerative braking to charge the battery, which slows the car down when taking your foot off the accelerator, A close second is being able to charge at home (I installed a level 2 charger in my garage).

The other thing I really like is that the Soul doesn’t shout to the world, “I’m an electric car!” like some of the others.

5. What do other people say about your Soul EV?

Everyone seems to love it.

Friends and neighbors have seen it in the driveway and stopped to ask about it, I have the black/red model which isn’t very common (yet), so people seem to notice it.

I get lots of questions about it being electric only:

  • How far can you drive on a charge?
  • How long does it take to charge?
  • Is it easy to find a charging station?
  • How is it to maintain?

Eco-Electric Kia  Best Electric Vehicle photos

6. In your opinion, what is the main advantage of the Soul EV over its competition?

I can’t say that I looked at very many other EV’s, but I did look at the Leaf pretty extensively and the Soul’s main advantage is that the Base model comes loaded as compared to the Nissan Leaf.

If you want the quick charge port and navigation (which are both standard on the Soul), you have to buy the SV version of the Leaf AND buy the Quick Charge/LED package which is about $1,800 extra.

I ended up leasing the Soul EV + (the premium version) because I really wanted the leather vented seats. The Soul also has longer range (second only to the Tesla according to the EPA), and feels more substantial than the Leaf.

7. If possible, what would you change on the current Soul EV (if anything at all)?

I would like Kia to include charge cord that can be plugged into 120V and 240V outlets. The standard 120V cord that comes with the car can be sent in to a company that will modify it for use on 240V outlets for less than $300.

Kia could likely mass produce these with 240V charging ability for far less. I also think the UVO EV app could be improved by adding push notifications (it currently sends an SMS and email for notifications).

Thanks for sharing your thoughs on your eye-catching Inferno Red & Cherry Black Kia Soul EV. Enjoy your “electric” ride!

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