How about a three door Kia Soul crossover?


Those of you who have been actively browsing throughout our Kia Forums had a chance to see a very special version of the Kia Soul crossover.

of our members (meshwerks), who joined us just recently, attached a pair of very interesting pictures that illustrate a three door variant of Kia Soul.

Not wanting to confuse anyone with this three door Kia Soul, I’d like to point out that Kia does not plan to build a three door model, but if it did, the production ready car would probably look pretty close to the one we see here.

While loosing a pair of doors, the Soul retained it’s boxy shape and stylish look. Both images look very good and are done so extremely well, that they are well worth to be shown at the front page of theKEEA blog.

Kudos to designer!!

As said, the three door Soul variant is not planned for the production. There has been no spy shots and no rumors at all indicating the Soul range would expand with additional models.

However, I wouldn’t mind Kia developing a sporty Soul variant, equipped with turbo engine, sport-tuned suspension and spiced up with an attractive/aggressive looking body kit.

Check out the images attached below and thell us what you think of three door Kia Soul? Do you think a sporty version would fit well in the Soul range?

Kia Soul 3-door image rendering





  1. Špela says:

    I think that the rendering of 3 door Kia Soul looks very good. It would be nice to have two version of Soul, so you could choose the most suitable.

  2. IVANHOE says:

    Te render is very nice, but a3 door SOUL would be pointless in my opinio, i mean, it would be a contradiction itself. Why doing a practical roomy car into a less practical car, when that point its one of its personality andfeature to appeal buyers? Think it that way, even LAMBORGINI has recently launched a 5 door prototype (ESTOQUE).

  3. Ksport(Boris) says:

    I personally am not interested in a 3 door soul nor do I think Kia must consider it but the photoshop is great and realistic. I recently came up with an idea of a convertible soul like the soft top murano. or maybe a design like the 90’s sportage with the front having a roof and the rear part with a soft top. soul would look stylish that way and also would attract more customers

  4. Ratdaddy says:

    I will buy one in a heartbeat bring it on KIA…….

  5. JoshyLofty says:

    My first Kia was the Sportage with the half-soft-top. cabrio, is it called? i dunno. i LOVE this 3 door soul. stick a 2.0L turbo in it and run it next to a GTI. that’d get ppl talking. i say MAKE IT! but i know it won’t happed. i happen to LOVE 2 door cars tho as well. whoever made the photoshop tho knows what they’re doing. great work!

  6. himi says:

    This is indeed a great photoshop. It looks very nice and as Greg said in the forums, almost production ready.

    It just crossed my mind: how about a separate Soul brand with different variants, such as three door, five door, extended 7-seat variant, high performance variant, cabrio and AWD version? That would be an awesome line-up.
    …I must be dreaming already, it’s near midnight here, so I’d better get to bed now!

  7. Ksport(Boris) says:

    thats a great idea himi. it would be awesome!!!

  8. JoshyLofty says:

    i agree. i wish the production soul was coming with an optional skylight or jeep liberty-like cloth full length sunroof.

  9. Greg says:

    I personally think that they should make a 3 door with a soft-top only with Koup’s 2.0 turbo engine with optional AWD would be a great addition to the line up. 7 seat Soul would be pointless, as it would take sales away from the Rondo.

  10. Bancho says:

    I could imagine them making a 3 row version to compete with the Nissan Cube with 3 row seating in other markets. As for a soft top, I wouldn’t mind seeing one like they had on the Soul Searcher concept. A full convertible would lose a lot of the Soul’s character, especially at the rear.

  11. JoshyLofty says:

    i think they should do a complete convertible as well (3 or 4 door) with a motorized soft top “landalet” style. that’d be awesome… ya know, have the complete side-bars & a,b,c pillars like normal but the top & rear window fold away….

  12. himi says:

    I think there is a good chance that we will get a soft-top Kia Soul. It won’t a top like the first gen. sportage, but more like Soul hybrid concept. We have seen it’s panoramic powered foding fabric roof and that is the option Kia will likely add.

  13. Ksport(Boris) says:

    O dear. I forgot ’bout that. thats fine. allmost as good as that.

  14. Bornloser says:

    looks like a nice starting point for a Caddy/Berlingo/Kangoo/Combo style minivan….

  15. phil says:

    build the 3 dr.offer us the turbo either way.make everyone happy. i’m not interested in soft top.too easy to break in to it.the 3 door has bigger front doors,making it easier for seniors and the handicapped to enter/exit. great idea.

  16. phil says:

    p.s.-if kia builds us one with turbo and awd, we can go”nissan juke”huntin.anda few it. i will buy it.

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