Java Brown Kia Soul at night…HOT!

Kia Soul in Java Brown color

Higher frequency and large amount of Soul images popping up to the web confirms the fact that we are only a few weeks away from the day when Kia Soul makes it’s official debut.

Since we are getting closer to the Paris Auto Show, I’d like to inform all of you that the 2008 Paris Auto Show will officially start on October the 2nd and that highly acclaimed Soul crossover will make it’s premiere on the same day, at 4:45PM – Central European time.

We will closely follow all of the happening at the Kia stand in Paris, so you can expect to see a slew of Soul great photos and official information hitting the blog.

Yesterday, I was informed that this time, Kia will not show any concept cars, as the company plans to solely focus on Soul’s debut.

While I wouldn’t mind seeing another great looking Kia concept car, I completely understand the decision to fully support the launch of the Soul.

Afterall, this is the most important Kia car this year and it deserves all the of the attention, or as one of my dear friends from Kia Motors said, nothing is allowed to take the glory away from it!

Based on the comments and positive feedback from this blog and also from other automotive websites, it seems that Soul has already won many hearts and minds of automotive enthusiasts around the world.

For sure, this is one of the most exciting Kia products ever and should do very well on the world car market.

There is no doubt it will fight Scions and other youth oriented cars (Nissan Cube) successfully.

Here are some images of the Soul’s exterior and interior, taken at night.

As you know Kia equipped the Soul with some interesting interior features, including the lighting speakers- which you can see here- that have built-in LED’s that change color along with the music.

Another unique feature are the front seat covers that have the Soul name written in materials that glow in the dark!

Here is also a great pic that shows a beautiful center stack console with bright orange illumination.

I hope you like these shots. Provided by Soulclub. UPDATE! More interior images added.

kia-soul-at-night-4.jpg     kia-soul-at-night-1.jpg     kia-soul-interior-22.jpg

kia-soul-at-night-5.jpg     kia-soul-at-night-3.jpg     kia-soul-at-night-2.jpg

Click image to enlarge!


  1. Ratdaddy says:

    FANTASTIC —Hey himi on the soulclub page they also show a door panel and it looks like the engine bay can you post those shots also—–Again JUST FRIGGIN FANTASTIC i believe this little beauty will be as and maybe more popular than the PT Cruiser was when it first came out here in the U.S. ,but that also depends on KIA’s add campain……SHOW IT AND THEY WILL BUY IT I claim the Cocktail Orange Burner with black graphic and rear spoiler …..

  2. andrew says:

    Hi everyone, all the best for your exams himi. I have been enjoying your great coverage of the Souls development, thanks for the excellent site. I think Kia have something really New and exciting in the Soul and I am looking foward to its release onto the streets. I notice that this Java Brown Soul doesn’t have the new ‘H’ grill, has a more ferral look, maybe they have grouped the levels of trim with the three concepts, burner, searcher and diva, the question will be answered soon.

  3. K-Sport (Boris) says:

    Andrew. the H-grille is optional. Anyway, This car looks greatI like the pic with the lights on. Fantastic shots!

  4. Greg says:

    Wow. That is all I can say………wow.

  5. himi says:

    I have a lot more pics of Soul and all will find their way up here, at theKEEA blog. Today, i’ll show you a set of very detailed interior shots…black-white tone combination…very beatiful images! Till then, enjoy the wonderful Java Brown Soul 😉

  6. Bryan says:

    Wow is right, Greg. I love the changing-light LED’s on the speakers. The more I learn the more I like the Kia Soul! This knocks already-teetering Scion completely off it’s axis and makes the Nissan Cube look like a child’s toy. This rig is for enthusiasts in automobiles…Kia has always(even with my ’99 Sephia)impressed me as an enthusiast’s carmaker. Same with my other favorite, Mitsubishi.

  7. K-Sport (Boris) says:

    how do you know if the LED lights change colour. I’ve not seen them in any colour besides orange-red.

  8. JoshyLofty says:

    i was gunna say the same thing, Boris, but you beat me to it. dern! & someone remind me, whats the TD that EDO was mentioning? i forget which one’s are which with the abbreviations.

  9. Bryan says:

    Yeah, read this very blog article that himi wrote…it says LED lights on the front side speakers that change colors to the sound of the music. I’ve only seen that written in this one article, though, all the others just say that the orange-reddish light pulsates to the sound of the music. Nothing anywhere else that the colors actually change. So maybe we need more info. on that feature.

  10. K-Sport (Boris) says:

    It doesnt change. Even the soul website’s got nothing about changing lights. but the dragon tatoos are available in three colours. Red, Black and White. the white dragon looks good on moonlight blue.

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