2023 Kea Sole, Kai Soal Or Kio Soil

Ikea Soul

Looking for Kai Soal, Kio Soil, Sole, Soal, or Ikea Soel?

Researching cars online has become a major part of the research process that buyers employ before heading to the showroom.

Savy car buyers know that they can easily be swayed by a smooth-talking salesman, which is why more and more are doing side by side comparisons so that they know exactly what brand and model best suits their specific needs.

While this is a smart way to go, it’s not every buyer that is aware of all the brands and models that are out there.

Take the Kia Soul as an example!

That is a vehicle with a unique design that really stands out on the road, but it’s not everyone that knows exactly what it is.

They may have seen or heard the ads with the hamsters, but the name and brand may escape them, or they may not be the best at spelling.

That is why search terms often get a little mixed up, with Kai, Kea, and Kio being the most common brand name mistakes when typing in the brand name.

2023 Kia Ikea & Spul, Soel

Things get a little sillier when they are searching for the model, with Kia Sole, Soull, Soil, Soel, Souk, Soal, Sou, and a host of others typos commonly used when trying to track down that particular car via search engines.

Our personal favorite improperly spelled search that we came across was Ikea Soul.

We know the Swedes are great at delivering furniture, but could you imagine trying to build your own car in your living room?

Google’s been pretty good at guessing what you mean, but you can help by just typing it in correctly: Kia Soul.

Common mistyped phrases:

  • Kia Spul
  • Ikea Soul
  • Kea Soul
  • Kio Soul
  • Kia Soel
  • Kia Sou
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