Kia Soul Commercial Ad 2016: Hamsters Are Back


The hip-hop hamsters are back, but this time they are broadening their musical horizons for their latest appearance in a Kia Soul ad.

The new spot, which is titled “Soul Jam,” sees Kia’s advertising agency of choice, David&Goliath, take things to an all new level, as it required over 3,000 hours of CGI imagery just to create the parts that contain those loveable hamsters.

The 2016 Soul commercial ad begins with a guitar player playing the iconic “Dueling Banjos” piece on his guitar. He is quickly joined by the hamsters playing their instruments in a variety of different styles.

Before long, people are flooding into the local park to play instruments from all over the world, including the sitar and the bagpipes. It’s a blend of cultures and styles that clearly shows that the Soul is a fun-loving vehicle that is a perfect ride for just about anyone.

2016 Kia Soul hamster commercial

It’s a fun commercial ad to be sure, but it also features a little detail that is sure to excite Kia Soul lovers the world over.

In the closing frames, tucked away neatly in tiny print, is the mention of three specific Soul models.

There is the traditional Soul GDI, the EV, and now also the Soul turbo, which is, according to the text, arriving in winter 2016. The Soul turbo is a model that has long been rumored, and one that is on the wish list of many existing Soul owners.

The fact that it is set to become a reality is something that could well make the cold winter months a whole lot more bearable.

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