Kia e-Soul To Go On Sale In Europe With 2 Different Battery Sizes

Kia e-Soul on sale in Europe

13 essential things you need to know about the Euro-market Kia e-Soul!

Kia Motors Europe have just revealed it plans to unveil the new generation Soul electric vehicle at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show.

Scheduled to hit Kia dealerships this spring, the vehicle will be officially called the e-Soul and will be the only Soul variant available in Europe as both, diesel and gasoline powertrains have been axed from the range.

Consumers will have a choice of two different electric powertrains, though. The funky looking boxy car will offer a choice of two lithium-ion polymer battery packs and two different electric motors.

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Kia e-Soul specs (Europe):

SpecsLong range batteryStandard battery
Battery64 kWh39.2 kWh
TypeLithium-ion polymer batteryLithium-ion polymer battery
Capacity180 Ah120 Ah
Voltage356 V of nominal voltage327 V of nominal voltage
Consumption (WLTP)157 Wh/km145 Wh/km
Energy density (cell)250 Wh/kg250 Wh/kg
Range WLTP 452 km277 km
Electric motor150 kW100 kW
Torque395 Nm395 Nm
0-100 km/h7.2 seconds9.6 seconds
On-board charger7.2 kW7.2 kW
Weight 1,682 kg1,593 kg
Luggage capacity315 L315 L

13 answers to your questions about the e-Soul

1. When does it go on sale?

The funky e-Soul electric car goes on sale in Europe at the end of Q1 (in 2019). First models have already been spotted on delivery trucks in some parts of EU, which means sales will commence shortly.

2. Where is it manufactured?

The all-electric Kia e-Soul is produced at the carmaker’s manufacturing plant in Gwangju, South Korea.

3. What are the battery size options?

The redesigned e-Soul is offered with two different battery packs. The standard models come with 39.2 kWh battery, while the “long-range” variant comes fitted with 64 kWh battery.

4. How far does the e-Soul go on a full charge?

The “standard” version (with smaller battery) has an official range of 277 km or 172 miles (WLTP rating), while the “longer-range” variant will go 452 km or 280 miles.

5. How powerful are electric motors?

There are two different electric motors available. The standard e-Soul is equipped with a 100 kW (136 horsepower) electric motor, while the long-range e-Soul incorporates a 150 kW (204 horsepower) electric motor.

6. What’s the standard tire size?

New Kia e-Soul sits on 17-inch tires and five-spoke alloy wheels (exact tire size is 215/55 R17). The alloys look fantastic!

7. What is the “SUV Pack”?

Europeans can upgrade the look of their battery powered Kia Soul by opting for an SUV Pack. The optional SUV package enhances the exterior layout of the e-Soul with the addition of bolder wheel arches, side sill claddings and skid plate on the front bumper.

8. Are speaker lights available?

Yes. The cabin of the new e-Soul can be fitted with the latest generation of the Kia Sound Mood Lighting system. The system is optional and may not be available on all trim levels. You can read more about the Soul speaker lights here.

9. How about the speed of charging?

A CCS DC fast charger is standard on both Kia e-Soul models. Both battery packs can be recharged from 20% up to 80% capacity in just 42 minutes from a 100 kW DC quick-charger!

10. Is regenerative braking available?

Regenerative braking system is standard on all models. The system is operated by paddle shifters, which are located behind the steering wheel. Drivers can choose from 5 different regenerative braking levels:

  • none
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • single pedal mode

11. Multi-link rear suspension. Really?

Yes, the new Soul electric vehicle is the first generation of the Soul to incorporate a fully-independent multi-link rear suspension. It replaces the torsion beam rear axle, which was available on the first and second generation models. The upgraded rear suspension increases the car’s comfort and provides a more engaging and responsive drive.

12. Exterior dimensions

At 4,195 mm in length, the new e-Soul is 55 mm longer than the model it replaces. It also boasts a longer wheelbase, which has increased from 2,570 mm in the previous model to 2,600 mm in the newly-launched e-Soul. The width of 1,800 mm hasn’t changed! Ground clearance is 155 mm.

13. How about the e-Soul warranty?

Kia e-Soul comes with the carmaker’s industry leading 7-year / 150,000 km warranty, which also covers battery pack and electric motor!

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