2010 Kia Soul Shadow Dragon Special Edition Model

2010 Kia Soul Shadow Dragon

Kia Soul Shadow Dragon special edition has been unveiled at the North American International Auto Show.

The Shadow Dragon Kia Soul is already the third of four special-edition Soul cars destined to hit the market, according to Kia Motors America.

It features an attractive exterior appearance package that looks pretty close to the Soul Burner concept car, which made its official debut at Geneva auto show two years ago.

Kia Soul Shadow Dragon price, features

The third Special Edition model is coated in unique, deep shadow black exterior finish and features matte black dragon graphics on the hood and tail-gate.

The hot-looking exterior is spiced-up with attractive body-colored wing-type spoiler, high-gloss black accents on the bumpers and 18-inch alloy-wheels with machined accents.

The interior of the Shadow Dragon Soul provides a little more exclusivity than both previous Special Edition (Soul Denim and Ignition Soul) models.

It features leather-wrapped seats – the first leather seating available on any Soul model – with integrated seat warmers for additional comfort.

The equipments of latest special edition model also include Audio Upgrade Package with subwoofer, dash-mounted center speaker, external amplifier and pulsing front-speaker lights. Steering-wheel controls, iPod cable, sun-roof and carpeted floor mats and fog lights are also a part of standard package.

Equipped with five-speed manual gearbox, Kia Shadow Dragon Soul Special Edition model starts at $18,195 (add the $695 destination charge).

Look for these cars to begin arriving at Kia dealers by the end of this month, but don’t expect them to last long because only a limited number of vehicles will be built!


  1. Greg. says:

    This is the poll option I have been waiting for.

  2. bornloser says:

    Does it come with the giant hamster???

  3. Sorento Owner says:

    I read GM making a Kia Soul competiotor, GMC urban utility concept.
    GM described as “Efficient,” “Compact,” and “Fashionable”.

    “Efficient,” “Compact,” and “Fashionable”… I think GM catching points from Kia Soul.

  4. Chajee Pojee says:

    The Dragon ate the Hamster

  5. once again BORNLOSER you would not have the money to buy a SOUL so go somewhere else to criticise this great car

  6. bornloser says:

    Graham…. I’m not criticising the car… it was a wink… If you don’t have the brains to understand that…
    second: if I criticise Kia every once and a while it’s because I like it and I want it to be even better. Like when my daughter comes home with a so and so report card: “it’s not really bad honey, but next time…”
    third: I’ve owned a Soul so don’t give me the brainless shit ’bout not having the money, no need to attack me personally
    fourth: if you can’t stand any critical comments stay away from any forum, you’ll feel a lot better!

  7. they’ve had this special edition @ Moritz Kia in Ft Worth Texas for a while now. they’ve even already got a ton of 2010 Sorentos…

  8. PS— there’s a giant hamster driving the black soul. funny.

  9. Bryan says:

    Greg, you aren’t taking credit for giving Kia the hmaster idea, are you? That is officially from their advertising company, right?

  10. Bryan says:

    Whoops…spelling error. I meant hamster, Greg.

  11. Greg says:

    What are you talking about??

  12. bornloser says:

    Don’t you guys know? Greg IS the hamster: that’s why he knows so much about Kia’s!
    (sorry ’bout that greg, ain’t nothing personnal)

  13. Bryan says:

    bornloser…you’re on to the idea, man! Greg, you did have a hamster, right? Right?

  14. Greg says:

    Yeah, I have a hamster. Name’s Eeyore.

  15. bornloser says:

    If I ever get a hamster I will call it… Dunno actually something that refers to knowledge of Kia…

  16. Bryan says:

    bornloser, how about Kia MacDaddy for your hamster’s proposed name?

  17. Feelsgoodman says:


  18. Bryan says:

    No, come more clean wid us, Feelsgoodman. We need to know.

  19. To Born Loser.
    Finally born loser,i think your name is very appropriate.

  20. Dragon Lady says:

    Traded a 2010 Titanum Soul for the dream car of the Soul Limited Edition-Dagon..OMG it is sooo neat that I finally have my dream car.. Keep up the good worl !!!

  21. chris says:

    I have one and hate to say it I LOVE it. I have all way’s been a person that was all the way for ford. But have to say having a kia soul for my work and every day drive car the looks I get and I am all ways being stoped by every one asking me all about it.

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