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The Kia SOUL Burner is the “bad boy” of the carmaker’s 3 new concept vehicles, according to the Kia Motors Europe Design Chief Guillaume.

From the outside, the Soul Burner is a mean black beast with sparse flashes of scarlet.

The paintwork is satin, almost matt black, the alloy wheels are matt black too and the only other exterior colour is a little bit of red around the lower front air intake, the wheel rims and door mirrors.

In an unusually asymmetric design, the largest dragon creeps up the left side of the Soul Burner and over the bonnet to blow fire down onto the front bumper.


On the other side, a small dragon emerges from the sill panel and climbs over the C-Pillar.Throughout the car, a ‘dragon scales’ pattern is repeated, appearing on the front grille, seats and door trims.

At the front, the bumper is equipped with L-shaped day-light LED driving lamps around the outer edges.The bonnet has an extra air outlet and the door mirrors are smaller (then Diva).

At the rear, twin vertical exhaust pipes are placed at the extremes of the bumper, while the tailgate features an asymmetrical number-plate and release handle.

Unlike the other Kia Soul concepts, the Soul Burner has a solid roof panel and no roof rails.

It rides on the widest, lowest profile Soul tires – 245/40 R19 – again with a concept-specific tread pattern comprised of dragon’s flames.

Inside SOUL Burner, the four individual sports seats (complete with dragon-scale motif), thick-rimmed three-spoke steering wheel and entire cabin trim are divided horizontally.

Above the split, everything – including headliner, pillars and dashboard – is finished in a rich matt red, below all is deep black.

In contrast, the centre console, air vents, gearshift, and door handles are finished in a special black-chrome. [Photo Source: ]

Kia Soul Burner Photos

kia-soul-burner-front.jpg   soul-burner-interior.jpg   kia-soul-burner-rear-end.jpg

kia_soul_geneva06.jpg     kia_soul_geneva05.jpg     kia_soul_geneva01.jpg


  1. K-Sport (Boris) says:

    nice seats. obviously, wont make it to production.

  2. Colby says: go here for more pics of the soul

  3. Colby says: Here is a site with more pics

  4. Patrick says:

    im warming up to this concept. lol it has flame shaped tire treads…

  5. himi says:

    Those tires are a very nice detail. Did you notice the Kia logo on the right side? You could have seen this on a Landrover Freelander and some other vehicles. It looks quite good, but I’d still rather see the plate moving to the bumper and Kia logo to the center.

  6. K-Sport (Boris) says:

    yeah, thats the strangest thing I’ve ever seen on youth cars. thats not in the production version atleast. whew!

  7. HI my name is tim, I sell cars at a kia dealership in council bluffs Iowa. im very new at selling cars only my six month, but before that i work on nissans and kis in the shop, so i know cars and i love cars, am only 23 so am young but I am very good with the younger group, and i know what they like. it would be a same if they did not come out with the 3 concepts for the soul. each concepts has it own flaver and each one has a story behind it, like each one says somthing about the persons who drives it down the road. And that is what is all about.

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