What Is It Like To Drive The New Kia Soul EV Limited?

Kia Soul EV Limited

According to Byron, there’s a lot to like about the new Kia Soul EV Limited, including the VESS sound!

The latest in our Kia owners interview series takes us north of the border to Vancouver, BC in Canada.

We spoke to Byron, a Consultant for Benjamin Moore Paints, whose first Kia vehicle is the Soul EV. We spoke to him about his ownership experience with the newest version of the all-electric Kia Soul.

While this may be Byron’s first experience with a Kia, it is one that he is very much enjoying to this point. When he initially went shopping for an EV, he was torn between a plug-in hybrid and an all-electric vehicle, but after some research, it was the EV that won out.

Byron loves the look of the Soul EV, as well as the vast array of features, such as the infotainment system, that it comes loaded with. While he was initially in line to get the Space Green exterior color, he ended up with the Neptune Blue.

Read on to learn more about Byron’s Kia Soul EV ownership experience.

Ownr of new Kia Soul EV in Canada

2020 Kia Soul EV specs (Canadian model)

  • Exterior color: Neptune Blue
  • Trim level: Limited
  • Model year: 2020
  • Tire size: 215/55/R17 (17-inch) tires
  • Average range on a single charge: 420-440km
  • Km driven so far: 4450 km so far (since May 3)

Kia Soul EV owner Q&A

1. Tell us something about your Kia Soul EV ownership experience so far?

I have really enjoyed most aspects of my car so far! This is my first Electric Vehicle, and first new vehicle as well.  I love the range it gets, the power it has, and the awesome styling. 

I have had a couple mechanical issues though. I had a squeaking in the motor area, and it turns out one of the motor mounts had partially collapsed. That was replaced and it is all fixed. I also still have a brake issue where the rear brakes thump and catch sometimes when I first turn on the vehicle in the morning.

I had a deposit on specifically the Space Green. I really wanted that colour, but when the Provincial and Federal purchase incentives were able to be stacked, and no one knew if it would be temporary, only the Neptune Blue was available, so I got that one. Everyone I told that story to, said the the blue is better! I am starting to agree.

Electric Kia Soul LED tail-lamps

2. Honestly, what was your intention when you bought your all-electric Kia Soul?

I have wanted an electric car for a couple years, but could not decide on a model, or if I wanted a plug-in hybrid. About a year ago, I decided it had to be fully electric. The high price of gas and instant torque was part of the decision, but the environmental factors was most important. 

3. What do you like the most about your car?

My favourite things about the car are the features, the infotainment screen and its customization abilities, the funky styling that is different from any other car out there, and I do love the VESS sound.

4. What do other people say about your Soul EV?

Mostly, people have been impressed with the vehicle! They really like the look, and the features.

Kia Soul electric car being charged

5. Did you have any second thoughts purchasing an electric vehicle?

I didn’t really have any second thoughts, no. I wanted fully electric. The range of the 2020 model means zero range anxiety for me. The price was higher than I had originally wanted to spend, but I don’t regret it one bit.

6. In your opinion, what is the main advantage of the all-electric Kia Soul over its competition?

The main advantage for me on the Soul EV is the platform. The other high range options are either cheaply built, or much more expensive.

Kia Soul EV boot size

7. What would you suggest Kia to change or improve on the future Soul electric models (if anything at all)?

I was disappointed that the Soul didn’t have some of the options of the Hyundai Kona, which my parents have, namely the folding mirrors and front and rear parking sensors.

I also hate the UVO app. It is terrible. It works half the time, and even the customer service on the phone, can’t help and have never gotten back to me with answers to my issues.

theKEEA: thanks for sharing your initial experience with us Kia fans. Enjoy your all-electric ride!

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