Kia Soul Ratings: 7 Things To Know

Kia Soul ratings and reviews

The boxy Soul crossover vehicle has become one of the top-selling Kia models thanks in large part to its iconic exterior styling and clever advertising.

Who doesn’t remember the popular hamster commercial which was first released a few years ago? The ad vent viral shortly after its official release and that resulted in a huge amount of interest for the new Kia Soul crossover vehicle among consumers in the USA and elswhere around the world.

The model has become a hit in the United States and Canada where it has oversold all other well-established competitors in the “boxy car” segment, including the Nissan Cube, Scion xB and Honda Element.

If you want a certain car model to become a hit among new car shoppers it needs to offer more than just clever styling and funny commercial ads.

And that’s exactly what this “box on wheels” car does. The new Kia Soul ratings, reviews and remarkes are positive wherever it appears.

People seem to love the Kia hamster car, especially the latest model, which has been given a major makeover for the 2020 model year. The car has been released at the end of 2018 and has received nothing but great remarks from automobile media in the USA and Canada.

The 2022 Kia Soul changes resulted in big improvements inside the cabin, which hosts a higher grade materials, plenty of high-tech of infotainment systems (UVO system and audio speaker lights for example) and all up-to-date safety features. The vehicle’s ride has been enhanced too, while the styling has retained its boxy shape.

Latest ratings of Kia Soul

Enough of talking, let’s just get straight to the facts and check the latest Kia Soul ratings.

1. Safety ratings

The Kia Soul received TOP Safety Pick + rating during the most recent IIHS crash tests. The boxy crossover earned good marks in all 6 different crash tests that the IIHS conducted.

2. Quality & reliability ratings

It is a well-known fact that Kia manufactures one of the most reliable cars these days. The US’ J.D. Power Associates confirmed that recently by naming the Soul crossover as one of the most reliable vehicles in the segment! Read more about the Soul quality ratings here.

3. Consumer ratings

If you want to get the real feel for whether the Soul is any good, you need to listen to what current owners have to say about it. We have interviewed a wide number of Kia Soul owners who have shared with us some really interesting thoughts. Find more about the Soul owner ratings in a blog post here.

4. Towing capacity

Honesty, we have gone through 10 pages on Google and couldn’t find the accurate information about the Soul towing ratings. A couple of people noted that the car’s owner manual says Kia doesn’t recommend using the vehicle for trailer towing. In order to get the exact information on Kia Soul towing, please contact your local Kia dealership.

MPG ratings

Here we have the official Kia Soul fuel economy ratings: entry-level model with 2,0L 4cylinder engine with IVT transmission achieves up to 29 / 35 mpg (city / highway). The 2,0L powered Soul with a 6-speed manual gearbox delivers 25 / 31 mpg (city / highway). The sportiest Kia Soul with 1,6L turbo engine and 7-speed DCT gets 27/32 mpg.

Kia Soul fuel tank capacity rating

What is the size of a fuel tank in the Kia Soul? All models come fitted with a fuel tank size of of 14.3 gallons.

Soul EV mileage ratings

The just recently launched Soul EV has an expected driving range rating of 243 miles. However, some Kia owners have performed different kinds of range tests and their driving range exceeded 280 miles in some instances. Find more about the new Kia Soul EV range here.

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