Kia Soul Searcher Concept Car Preview


In complete contrast to its Geneva Show co-stars, the Kia Soul Searcher is the car that provides a haven of tranquillity within the urban jungle, a comfort-zone on four wheels.

“With the Soul Searcher we set out to capture the spirit of Korean and Far Eastern culture with a focus on achieving personal inner peace. We also looked to embody both the Chinese Chan (quietude) and Japanese Zen (meditation) and create a calm cocoon for the occupants.

The colours are muted, the textures are soft and the road presence is discreet,” states Guillaume.


The Soul Searcher is painted in pale green-grey solid paint, with body-cladding and added parts in a lighter pale cream.

The rear of the body, not just the rear bumper, is also painted pale cream, as are the 18-inch alloy wheels fitted with 205/60 tyres.

The unique design motif for Soul Searcher is a street map, an abstraction that is not city-specific but one that simplifies the complexity of urban road networks and banishes all sense of pandemonium. A used-leather finish – old, lived-in, much-loved leather – is applied to an inset three-dimensional panel on the bonnet and a panel on the tailgate that protrudes like an extra cargo box.

Above the windscreen, twin rectangular spot lights are mounted on the roof. Exuding an air of casual confidence, the haven of tranquillity theme continues inside the Kia Soul Searcher, with old leather-effect finish to the dashboard, door panels and rim of the three-spoke steering wheel.

Grey-beige felt is used to cover the floor and the seats. The seat design is simple, with the minimum number of separate panels. The seams between panels are on the outside of the seats, creating a small ridge that is slightly raised above the surface, to exaggerate the feel of the material.

Overall, the cabin ambience of SOUL Searcher, like that of SOUL Diva, is one of domesticity – albeit of a very different nature to its Geneva co-star.

kia-soul-searcher1.jpg    kia-soul-searcher3.jpg   kia-soul-searcher2.jpg


  1. K-Sport (Boris) says:

    this is my second fav. I like most of it but the interior is too clothy. get it?

  2. himi says:

    I’m beginning to like the Searcher more and more. At first it looked a bit bland to me, and I was more of a Burner fan, but the Burner is really agressively styled.

  3. dude says:

    This is accually not to bad. saw one in a show room and it has a 1.6 turbo deisel. it will be interesting to see the porblems.

  4. geovanirims says:

    this car, take u far,
    hit the club to the bar

  5. bujang_sydney says:

    It will be good with 1.6 ltr turbo diesel, 6 speed manual or 5 speed auto, all wheel drive. aux/Iphod connection.
    You will sell “Soul” like a hot cakes, for sure.

  6. daviddaivesrocketmail says:

    i a tenth level zen master and i approve this car

  7. daviddaives says:

    the slidin roof is awesome and lov the rest totally — get me one in canada

  8. rdadi says:

    if i have one …what happy, specially if free buy
    cos i have one kia product is picanto 2006

  9. gwyn says:

    nice car till you have problems,7 year warranty is a joke, small jobs covered by warranty. If an expensive fault kia will try and wriggle a way out of warranty repairs’ have bought kia for over 20 years,makes no difference to kia.think and think hard.

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