2023 Kia Soul Solar Yellow Color Availability

Kia Soul Solar Yellow

Is yellow Kia Soul available for the 2023 model year in US?

What does the Kia Soul Solar Yellow look like? and is yellow paint a popular choice among Soul buyers?”.

Those are the most common question people ask us when it comes to the Kia Soul exterior color options.

It appears that yellow color has been one of the most attractive production paint shades available on the Soul crossover.

Therefore, we have collected a pair high-quality image renderings of the yellow Kia Soul shade and you can see them posted below.

  • UPDATE: Yellow color option has been axed from the entire Kia Soul line-up!

Pics of Solar Yellow Kia Soul

  • Kia Soul X-Line in yellow color (not available anymore!)

Kia Soul X-Line trim level initially offered the Solar Yellow paint. For the 2021 model year, the yellow color has been discontinued from the X-Line trim, which boasts a more rugged exterior look with plenty of black plastic claddings and silver accents.

  • Kia Soul EX in yellow color (not available anymore!)

Yellow paint shade was also initially available on the Kia Soul EX and the EX Designer Collection (as seen here). Designer Collection is an optional package that adds new alloy wheels and LED fog lamps, front lamps and tail-lights.

For the 2021 model year, though, the bright yellow color has been discontinued (at least in the US-market)!

  • Kia Soul S in yellow paint shade (not available anymore)

The 2021 Soul S comes in several differen paint shades, but not in yellow! The S trim level does not offer LED lamps and features smaller alloy wheels than the two trims mentioned above.

Yellow color availability

Previously, yellow color was available on three Kia Soul trim levels; the S, EX and X-Line. For the 2021 model year, however, Kia of USA decided to discontinue it from the line-up.

Trim levelAvailability2020202120222023
EX (+ Designer Package)YesNoNoNo
GT-Line TurboNoNoNoNo

If yellow paint isn’t your choice, you can pick something else. The latest model of Kia Soul still comes available in a wide number of single and two tone exterior colors.

Feel free to brwose through our Kia news articles and blog posts related to the 2023 Kia Soul color choices or visit your local car store to learn more about the available options.


  1. Lou Trenta says:

    Thanks. I have been trying to lease the yellow soul for 4 months and now, all dealers do not have it. My lease runs out in less than 2 months, so I guess I’m going to have to turn in my Green one and wait for the 2017 or lease a competitor’s yellow. Since only the striped down + are the few sold to east coast, the consumer does not have much of a choice. I told my dealer I might have to fly to Florida, since there is one there, then I will have to drive it home. I understand that some dealers in other states have yellow, but the only one I found was in Florida.

  2. Ev Smyth says:

    I too am looking for a Kia Soul in Solar Yellow to buy.

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