Top 5 Kia Soul Video Previews From L.A. Auto Show

Video previews of new Kia Soul

New generation Kia Soul impresses automotive vloggers!

The 2018 L.A. Auto Show went off last week, with Kia arriving on scene showcasing a trio of new Kia Soul models.

The quirky crossover will have the 2020 models heading into showrooms soon, with some noticeable differences on board. This will be the third-generation of the Soul, and as always, the Koreans seem to have found a way to make their incredibly boxy crossover even more appealing.

Style, performance, technology, and everyday practicality are once again the key elements of the new generation Kia boxy car. The goal now is to reach even more consumers than ever before, which is why 3 different variants are being produced.

The bright red Soul GT-Line is one for the sporty crowd, while the Soul X-Line is a more rugged crossover, albeit minus an AWD variant. The lime green Soul EV is as eye-catching as it is efficient, going 200+ miles on a full charge.

Best videos from Youtube

We love the look of the new Kia models, but what do the automotive media and bloggers think of the new Soul after seeing the new 2020 model.

We have rounded up some of the comments from the better-known Youtube automotive vloggers to give you an idea of what is being said.

1. Redline

Sofyan Bey was one of those who was not entirely impressed with the 2020 model after seeing the first pictures of the new model, but that opinion changed quickly when he saw the new Soul in person.

He is now very much on board with the changes made and has chosen the red Soul GT as his personal favorite.

2. TFLnow

TFLnow have already added a glowing preview of the new Soul to their pages, with a host of cool details about the new model. They also provide some insightful information from a Kia spokesperson, who goes into real details about all the changes made.

3. Alexonautos

Alex is always one of the better reviewers of new vehicles, and he goes all-in on all 3 versions of the 2020 Kia Soul.

One interesting note here is that he mentions that the Soul X-Line does not have an AWD option “YET.” Perhaps he has heard rumors that such an option may well be coming in the near future. Stay tuned for that!

4. Motorgraph

If you have a grasp of the South Korean language, you will be able to view the video review released by Motorgraph.

We can’t really tell if it’s a thumbs up or down from them. But one great thing about their video is that we get to see a lot of up-close details on the new models, so definitely worth a watch.

5. Auto Moto

If you would rather form your own opinions of the Kia Soul line-up without the chatter, tune into the Auto Moto video. What they deliver is a walkaround look at the Soul X-Line, with some nice background music to keep you company.

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