Kid Trax Kia Sing-A-Long Soul Ride On Review (2020)


Kids that love to sing while they play will get a real kick out of the Kia Sing-A Long Soul Ride-On by KidTrax Toys!

The Kia Soul ride-on comes with built-in speakers and microphones so that the little ones can sing karaoke as they drive.

The dashboard of the trunk comes with an outlet for an MP3 player, as well as a spot to plug in the microphones for sing-a-long fun.

Inside the trunk you will find a pair of powerful speakers, brightly colored LED lights, a pair of connected microphones, and rockstar sunglasses.

Kid Trax Kia Sing ALong Soul OrangeThe microphones can easily be turned off and on, and can even be set to party mode.


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Sing-A Long Soul Cool Features

The ride-on has a ton of cool features, such as LED daytime running lights, engine and horn sounds, working headlights, working car doors, forward and reverse speeds, and Power Trax Rubber Traction Strip Tires.

Parents have the option of setting the top speed of the ride-on.

Like a real car, an ignition key is required to start the ride-on.

Once it’s powered up, the foot pedal controls the speed, up to 5 MPH.

Lifting your foot off the pedal stops the vehicle. It will take kids a minute to get used to the pressure required on the pedal to get it moving.

To get the ride-on in reverse, hold the shift handle on the middle console, switching it down to change direction.

Available colors: orange, purple and green

Will Kids Like It?

Kids are going to love feeling like a real driver, and will get a real kick out of mimicking the actions that their parents use while driving.

The music that comes blasting out of this Soul toy built-in speakers just adds to the fun.

If the kids have seen the Kia Soul commercial with the hip-hop hamsters, they will probably enjoy acting that out, too.

Who It’s For

Kids ages 3 and over will enjoy the Kia Sing-A-Long Soul Ride-On from KidTrax Toys

Specifications & Product Highlights

  • The LED daytime running lights and working headlights help light the way on less than perfect days
  • The ride-on is easy to handle thanks to the Power Trax rubber traction strip tires
  • The parent-controlled speed system allows you to set forward and reverse speeds up to 5 MPH
  • Realism is delivered via real engine and horns sounds, and working doors
  • Sing-a-long fun can be had by using a pair of Mega Loud Speakers with colored LED’s and a pair of connected microphones.
  • The driver and passenger can look super cool by using the rockstar sunglasses that come with the ride-on.
  • Direct Connect one-step charging system

–> See the picture of a green Soul Trax toy here…
What’s Included?

  • Kid Trax Kia Soul Sing-Along DJ Ride-On Car
  • 2 microphones
  • 2 pairs of sunglasses

What You Need To Know

Parents will be required to do a little bit of assembly. You can expect to devote about an hour of your time to putting the ride-on together.

The sound can become a little distorted when the vehicle is in motion. For the best sound quality, play the music while the vehicle is in park. The sound system will only work when the car is turned on, so check that if no sound is coming out.

The speed setting on the vehicle can be adjusted to between 2.5 and 5 MPH, which is achieved by removing a small screw at the base of the shift handle.

Two children can ride in the vehicle, as long as their maximum weight does not exceed 120 pounds.

It takes about 20-24 hours to fully charge the vehicle for the first time.

After that, a full charge takes about 14 hours. A rechargeable 12-volt battery powers the unit.


  1. katy labrie says:

    I want a Distributor in Canada to buy KidTrax Kia Sing- A-Long Soul 12 Volt . Thank you for your help !!!

  2. Elias says:

    Does anyone know where a replacement charger for this Kia Soul Car can be purchased? The Kid Trax charger that is readily available from several places isn’t compatible with this model. The Kia Soul originally came with a Kid Trax charger that has a very small blue connector. Any help would be much appreciated.

  3. Joe Reta says:

    where can i go to purchase one?? i cant seem to find it anywhere.. please help!

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