Molten Red Kia Soul Hamstar Concept


Molten Red Soul Hamstar concept joins Kia Soul White Tiger Special Edition at the 2010 SEMA Show!

After three million views online and the launch of their own “Hamsta” apparel line, the hip and music-loveable hamsters from Kia’s award-winning Soul commercial ad campaign are making their presence known at SEMA with a Molten Red Soul concept vehicle featuring custom Hamstar artwork and interior appointments.

The highly attractive Kai Soul Hamstar Concept stands out from the crowd with its custom red and black color scheme, highlighted by a “star” graphic with the signature Hamstar script logo on the hood and off-black matte finish stripes on the urban passenger vehicle’s sides that are reminiscent of vintage warm-up pants.

The exterior is dressed with black gloss and polished aluminum sport wheels for extra attitude and the all black interior includes red/black sport cloth seat materials with black chenille stars affixed to the back side of the front headrests. Special Hamstar sport floor mats and a rubberized Hamstar badge create an additional surprise design element. [Source: Kia Motors America]

Kia Soul Hamstar image gallery:


  1. Krzychu says:

    Very nice Soul, especially interior 🙂

  2. Greg says:

    The Murano is the Sorento’s competitor.

  3. Robert says:

    New here, hi guys. Has there been any update on the 2011 Soul powertrain? The last I heard it was supposed to be upgraded with I assume, the Forte’s new powertrain (at least in non-base version) but nothing’s been confirmed. Hyundai just debuted their 2.0L 165hp engine in the Tucson, too….

  4. Greg says:

    Hey Robert – the 2011 Soul still has the same powertrain. A minor cosmetic change for the Soul is due before summer, and the Soul will gain new engines and transmissions.

  5. Attaboy says:

    Kia is kidding or what?

    Better have new engine and 6 speeds
    put the money at the good place!

  6. theKiaGuy says:

    As the Soul sales volume continues to reel in the Versa and will soon overtake it, the Hamstar and Tiger special edition models will be great additions to an awesome line! Last years four specialty models didnt gather any dust on the lot and all sold at a premium! Cant wait to get these on the ground, I wonder if the Hamstar Edition will come with a free ‘hoodie’??? 🙂

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