Kia Soul Ignition Special Edition Headed For U.S. Showrooms

Kia Soul Ignition Special Edition Model

This hot-looking Soul limited edition model is coming to your local dealerships.

Kia Motors America today announced the arrival of the Soul Ingnition Special Edition model.

The Soul Ignition is the second Soul Special Edition model thus far, after the Soul Denim, which has been unveiled earlier this year, and represents the second out of four limited edition Soul models that are destined to hit the US soil within the next couple of months.

What sets the Soul Ignition apart from other models in the Soul line-up is its attractive exterior appearance, spiced-up by the funky-looking orange body paint and off-set black racing stripe that runs the length of the car.

Called Ignition, the orange color is the sole exterior paint option offered on the 2010 Kia Soul Ignition.

Rounding up the orange-black exterior treatment of the funky little crossover vehicle are the 18-inch alloy-wheels with machined accents, aluminum gas door, rear spoiler and athletic-looking body kit.

Just like the very first special edition Kia Soul, the Soul Denim, the 2010 Ignition Soul is also built upon the Soul+ model, which hosts a plethora of standard features, but adds a few extras.

Those “extras” are the Audio Upgrade Package, which involves subwoofer, center speakers, external amplifier and LED lights built-in front speakers that pulse to the beat of the music. The Audio Upgrade Package also includes standard i-Pod cable and steering wheel controls.

Other standard features also include sun-roof, carpeted floor mats, fog-lights and fender vents with side marker repeaters.

The special edition Kia Ignition Soul is priced at $17.500 for the five-speed manual.

If you are interested in this cool-looking urban crossover vehicle, you better act fast as only a limited number of vehicles will be produced.

Kia Soul Ignition Special Edition photos

kiasoulignition.jpg     kiasoulspecialedition.jpg     kiasoulignition1.jpg

2010-kia-soul-ignition.jpg     kia.jpg     kiasoul2010.jpg

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  1. Jason says:

    Anyone know if there will be a 3rd Special Edition Soul? I noticed there is another color available for the touch up pens (“Ghost” color code 1H) that is not listed on the Kia USA site (similar to how Denim and Ignition are not listed as an available color, though I can get a touch up pen for them). This “Ghost” color is like a chalk-white, maybe a really pale gray (or “grey”).

  2. Greg. says:

    The third special edition is trickling into dealers. The “Dragon Soul” is a black plus model with dragon decal, black wheels, foglights, sunroof, audio upgrade package, and black LEATHER seats with “Soul” Stitched in. You should check it out over at the Forum. It is the third special edition. The fourth special edition is Ghost, which you can find pictures of that over at kiasoulforums(dot)com. The Ghost (known internationally as “Blue Stone”) will be out near the end of January.

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