DIY Guide: Painting Hubcaps On Your Kia Soul + Photos


There are all kinds of different ways to make modifications to your Kia Soul crossover vehicle that will help make it totally unique.

Color is one way to do that, and it doesn’t have to involve getting the full exterior of your car done either.

More and more people are looking at painting their car’s hubcaps to get an incredibly cool new look that can be changed over and over again.

And you can do that too!

Here’s the photo-guide on how to re-paint the hubcaps on your Soul crossover vehicle.

Paint The Hubcaps Yourself – Guide

painting-hubcaps-kia-soul  OEM hubcaps  pink hubcaps  DIY paint hubcaps completed

  • 1. Remove The Hubcaps

The first step is to remove the hubcaps and wash them thoroughly, as you do not want dirt getting trapped under the new paint job.

  • 2. Clean Dirt, Get Rid Of Scratches

Next up, you need to use some very fine sand paper to try and even out any scratches as best you can. You do not want to go with something too harsh, as you might end up just doing more damage than good.

  • 3. Light Coat Of Primer

Once that is done, you are ready to start spraying, starting off with a very light coat of primer. This will allow the colored paint you choose to properly adhere to the surface of the hubcap, including any scratches that may not have been fully repaired.

  • 4. Chose Color, Spray

Once that dries, you will be ready to apply your spray paint, and this is where things can get funny. You will find that there are a whole mess of different colors to choose from, but try to select something that looks great with your Kia Soul exterior color.

If you have a white car, the sky is pretty much the limit, as that goes with just about anything.

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