Reptile Kia Soul With Eibach Lowering Springs & Green Underbody Lights

Meet Kia Soul owners in Canada

Meet Rob Woodward, the owner of a heavily-customized Kia Soul crossover vehicle.

The so-called Kia Soul “Reptile” features a plethora of aftermarket modifications, including a set of Eibach lowering springs, Takeda CAI, underbody lights European Burner grille…and the list of mods continues after the interview!

Kia Soul owner interview (Q&A)

1. How and when did you find out about the Kia Soul?

Well having the advantage of working for Kia since 2002 I was able to see the Soul as a concept when it was first released in 2006 when I worked the Auto show, since then I have followed it into production, and when it finally arrived as a production vehicle last year at the Auto show, I had to go take a look to see how it would look in person. After seeing it I decided to get rid of my 04 Maxima and get a Soul.

2. How long have you owned your Soul and what are your experiences so far?

I bought my Soul in April but had to wait 5 weeks for it to arrive as it was still early in the production of them and the 5 speeds were more difficult to get.

I love my car although the first week I was missing the power of the Maxima (140 hp vs. 280 hp), until I filled up for the first time and instead of $85 it was only $36.68, since then I haven’t missed the power at all, I have just over 31,000 km on it and no problems or issues other than my door skins have yet to be fixed.

I find this to be a special car to me, as I have a tendency to get bored with a car. In the past 9 months I have had to bring in family and friends cars for service (ones that are much higher end), and find myself wanting to get back in my Soul by the time I am driving there car home.

3. If you had to pick one thing what was it that really sold you on the Kia Soul?

The uniqueness of it, I love to be different than everyone else, and it was one of the main reasons I had chosen the Soul, on top of that with all the toys you get for under $20,000 there way almost no way I could pass it up.

4. Can you tell us some interesting comments that you have heard about your ride from friends, family and other people?

Actually the one that stands out the most is a gentleman in his 40’s driving a 750i got out of his car and told me I love your car it’s totally unique. Most people either love it or hate it, black and bright green gets the attention both good and bad. I have had people stop to look at it and others laugh as they drive by. Either way it’s my car and I love it.

5. Did you name your Soul?

Well I didn’t actually name it, the members of the did. They had a bunch of different names since I had already started adding the sublime green to the car, finally one member suggested Reptile and I liked it so ever since I have incorporated it into the theme of the vehicle.

6. What are your plans as far as modifications? Are you interested in that at all?

Well this could be a very long list as I plan to keep this car going forever. In the coming year I plan to add Leather and Suede seating with the Reptile stitched into the suede, adding a body kit, DVD headrests, some more interior lighting, 2 rear mood light speakers, custom airbrush to the hood and hatch just to name a few, not to mention the list at the bottom that has already been done.

7. Did you change your attitude toward Kia products since you’ve bought the Soul?

Well having the unique position of working for a dealership since 2002, I have seen things from the inside, and I can tell you before 2006 I would never have bought one.

Kia, being new to Canada had to slowly increase their quality and pricing, in order to compete in the market. That said anyone who knows me, knows I am an avid fan of Kia and the quality and price point that they have been bringing in recent years is fantastic, as well as the new designs.

Kia Soul Reptile gallery:

8. Is this your first Kia product? What vehicles have you owned before your Soul?

I have owned quite a few cars before the Soul, most recently an 04 Maxima SE, and 99 Sunfire GT Convertible 5 Speed (that was my last toy). The Soul is my first Kia product, however my wife has had an 06 Spectra EX (Problem free for 70K), and currently owns an 08 Sedona AE (also problem free 38k so far), I also have family members who own, 2006 Rio5, 2005 Spectra EX, 2008 Magentis Premium, 2006 Spectra EX, 2008 Rondo Premium, 2008 Rondo Luxury, 2009 Sedona Luxury, 2010 Forte EX, and an 04 Amanti and the only car that has ever had a problem is the Amanti.

About the owner:

  • Name: Rob Woodward
    Age: 35
    Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    Occupation: Scarboro Kia
    Hobbies: Maple Leafs, Formula 1, my family and friends, and of course my Soul

About the Kia Soul Reptile:

  • Engine: 2.0 Beta II
    Transmission: 5 speed manual
    Colour: Original Onyx, Sublime Green Added
    Model: SO552A (2010 SOUL 4U 5 SPEED)
  • Wheels/Tires: 18” Factory Tires with Syndrome Rims
    Average mpg: Don’t really pay much attention to this but I get about 500 Km or 312.5 mi. per tank and it cost under $40 to fill.
    Mileage: 32000 km
    Price: $19,995 (MSRP)

Kia Soul Modifications: Green Painted Mirrors, Green Roof Rails Green Eyeliners, Green Led Side Repeaters, Green Fog Light bezels (not installed yet), Green Tail Light Bezels, Green Spoiler, Green Rear Hatch Handle, Custom badges in Green and Black (2.0 {x2}, Reptile, SOUL, 4U, Rear Kia Logo) Custom Green Reptile Wording above windshield, custom green wording on the rear, Painted Green Imported European Burner Grille, Eibach Lowering Springs, Hypergrounds, Takeda CAI, Custom Red LED Map and Domes Lights, Custom LED Reptile Side Sills, 5-Speed Leather Shift Knob, Centre Console Armrest, Underbody Green LEDs, Sport Pedals, Soul Valve Stems, so far.


  1. Bryan says:

    Rob, hey man, I love your Soul. Great color combination! Being from Toronto, Ontario, I gotta ask you, are you a fan of The Tragically Hip? They are from Kingston, Ontario. I love them, they’re my 3rd favorite rock band of all time, trailing only Foghat and another Canadian band, The Guess Who.

  2. David D says:

    Great looking ride Rob. No question, your Reptilian SOUL is a real treat to the eye! Enjoyed this feature & look forward to followup after further mods are done.

  3. timothy Sargeant says:

    The very best of any modifications I have seen looks awsome

  4. James Woodcock says:

    Nice Ride! Listen we are having a parade this summer down church street and we would really like your car to be in it !! and you of course!! hehe! We are behind you all the way!

  5. Reptile says:

    @Bryan, Yes big Hip fan, but favorite band has to be Billy Talent (they are also friends of mine). @ David Thanks I will contact Kia-World once I have done more mods and give them an update, @ timothy, thanks people either love it or hate it. @James funny…

  6. Bryan says:

    Man, when I was living in the Skagit Valley area of Washington state(upper west side)I heard ‘700-ft. Ceiling’ and then ‘Little Bones’ and I was hooked from that point on! Talking Tragically Hip for those of you’s who don’t recognize those tunes right off hand.

  7. @reptile— GREAT looking soul! Seems to me ya’ll are a multi-kia family? is that a Sedona I see in your driveway?

  8. Reptile says:

    @joshylofty, yes that is a Sedona, and if you could see in the garage you would also see a Spectra.

  9. HyundaiSmoke says:

    Those wheels are sweet. They really bring the Soul out.

  10. @Reptile I’m on my 3rd kia, & 2nd Spectra which i bought new in July 09. I love it. I plan to trade it in on the new optima or something this year around august. what dealer are you in what state? would you like a customer from Texas? 😉 I like to travel…

  11. Bryan says:

    Another great band is The Cars. I recently bought the Car’s CD ‘Candy-O’. It’s rockin’ da house, gentlemen.

  12. Greg. says:

    The 2010 Rio really is a big improvement over last year’s model. I actually notice the 2010 Rio on the roads, unlike the 2009s. Is it just me, or is the interior quality improved over last year’s model, too?

  13. HyundaiSmoke says:

    Rio Race Showcase at the Accent Planet dot org.

  14. Bryan says:

    Interesting comments on the new world order Kia Rio. I noticed the new Rio stand out during our recent trip up to Nevada. And the white ones looked the best to me with the trim on the body that Kia is currently putting on the Rio. Great looking small car. Another reason why Kia is pert-near impossible ta beat these days in automotive excellence. I’m so proud of da boys. And for my wife and I it all started with a 1999 Kia Sephia sedan. Violet Mist in color. No stereo, no A/C and a 5-speed stick that worked perfectly. Once I slapped some 70,000 miles Yokohama Radials with some Konig Diva wheels in Jan. of 2001 the car handled like a champ, too. Ya know what was really the best part? I only paid $7,995 for the car after a $2,000 manufacturer’s rebate.

  15. grail says:

    Nope. The 2010 model is actually just a facelift, nothing changed inside except for minor items (or maybe the build quality as you say it, but it looks the same to me). They just replaced the front bumper, grill and the rear bumper, and color keyed the door guards. It looked like a whole new car, however on closer inspection you could see its the same shell. 😀

    With the new 2011 Accent coming out, I guess there’s an all-new 2011 Rio as well. I’m excited to see how it looks like.

  16. Lesleigh says:

    Am totally ‘taken’ by the Soul, BUT would be turning in my ’96 Honda Accord which now has 355,196 miles…anyone gone 250k miles with Kia?…The Honda mileage standard my little Accord set for me is high…

  17. grail says:

    I forgot the forum but I saw someone posted his odo with more than 200k mileage using a 2005 (or was it 2006?) Rio. He says he never replaced anything except the timing belt, just does the usual change oil and other regular maintenance items.

  18. Greg. says:

    2004.5 Spectra – timing belt replaced 8 times – oil change every 7,500 miles – transmission fluid and coolant changed every 60,000 miles – valve grind and new piston rings at 250,000 miles – made it to 625,000 miles before traded in. It was starting to have some transmission problems.

  19. Bryan says:

    But the best rock band of all time is Foghat.

  20. Bryan says:

    Go ta You Tube and type in Foghat ‘It Hurts Me Too.’ You will see the original Foghat lineup in 1977 playing a great blues tribute to Elmore James. Just great, great rock and roll. Dig Rod Price’s slide guitar solo.

  21. Reptile says:

    Just an update to everyone, custom shift boot, custom leather and green fog light bezels are being added this week coming.

  22. Greg. says:

    Email himi, maybe he will post new photos.

  23. Amanda says:

    What website did you order your custom badges from?

  24. Soul Sailor says:

    Way to go Rob! Nice pic too!

  25. bratboy says:

    Hey, reptile.Still working on mine. I’m still adding more mods as time goes on. 19 months and over 25000 miles and still turns heads and no problems.

  26. Sam says:

    I’ve got a 2010 5 spd Soul. 2Ltr. I put the Eibachs on and have had nothing but trouble. I put full range KYB on the back and SACHS on the front. The front creaks like an old pirate ship. I have to switch the springs out and raise it back up. Did you have a problem like this?

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