This Funky Soul “Bee It” Boasts Black Stripes, Plasti-Dipped Wheel Nuts

Kia Soul with black stripes

Yellow-painted Kia Soul with black stripes.

The Kia Soul is one of the funkiest cars on the road as is, but it can get even cooler when an owner decides to add a few special touches.

That is what one owner did, taking his third Kia Soul and turning it into a vehicle that he calls Soul Bee It.

The model in question is a Solar Yellow Exclaim, which is the top of the range Soul model.

The addition of black graphics along the side of the car helped create a unique look, as well as the cool name.

This is certainly a sporty model, running on 18-inch tires and getting power from a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder GDI engine mated to a 6-speed automatic transmission.

Other changes made to vehicle include plasti-dipped spokes and nuts on the alloy wheels, creating the appearance of exclamation points. Yellow LED fog lights and license lamps help add a splash of color.

On the inside, a powered bass tube subwoofer helps crank out the tunes.

This is an owner who obviously loves the Kia Soul, and someone who is continually amazed at what this boxy little unit delivers for the price.

There are some definite luxury items to be found in the Exclaim, such as an Infinity sound system, electric power steering, heated and cooled leather seats, a panoramic sunroof, Bluetooth connectivity, Satellite Radio, navigation, and much more.

This is a Kia Soul that stands out in a crowd by how it looks and performs.

People are constantly commenting on how cool it looks, and are stunned when they learn just how affordable the Soul really is.

Pics Of Yellow Kia Soul Exclaim

Yellow Soul CUV  Yellow Car Stickers  Soul Cup Holder Lightning

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  1. (jtz) Tobiyyah Ban Yashar'al says:

    Oh, that looks slick!!!

  2. Huck says:

    Awesome ! This is the best looking Soul I have ever seen !

  3. Bryan says:

    Excellent look! I have a clear white 2011 Soul with a 5-speed stick that I adore. But a while back, while perusing a Nissan cube website I joined, a user had a cube that he Plasti-Dipped bright yellow. It looked great, he also used black Plasti-Dip to put some stripes at different angles down the side. It really looked good to me but your project has that car beat. Partly because it’s a better rig and one that it’s manufacturer is still producing, but also because it just plain looks great! Kudos on the Plasti-Dipping!!!

  4. Przemek Garbatowski says:

    Wow looks fantastic .Where do you have theese stripes from?

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