Checking The Kia Soul Brake / Clutch Fluid Level


How to check brake / clutch fluid level in Kia Soul (picture added).

You should get in the habit of regularly checking the fluid levels in the reservoir of Kia Soul, making sure that it falls between the MAX and MIN markings.

When the cap is removed to add more brake/clutch fluid, make sure to properly clean the area around the reservoir cap, as this will help prevent fluid contamination.

CAUTION – Proper fluid

Brake/clutch fluid is the only type of fluid that should be added to the system. Improper fluids like oil or water can lead to the brake/clutch system becoming damaged.

Kia Soul brake clutch fluidIf you see that the level is low, add more brake/clutch fluid until it touches the MAX line.

As you drive your Kia Soul, the levels will slowly begin to fall, which is a normal occurrence that comes with wear and tear to the brake linings and clutch disc.

If the level is below MIN, have an authorized Kia dealer perform an inspection.

Be sure to only ever use the brake/clutch fluids that are recommended for your specific vehicle. Never make the mistake of mixing different types of fluids.

If it turns out that the vehicle is in need of frequent additions of fluid, you should take the vehicle into an authorized Kia dealer to be inspected.

Always be careful when handling brake/clutch fluid, and make sure that it never comes into contact with your eyes.

If there is contact made, immediately use fresh tap water to flush them out. You should also have your eyes examined by a doctor ASAP.

CAUTION – Brake/clutch fluid

Do not allow brake/clutch fluid to contact the vehicle’s body paint, as it can and will damage the paint.

The quality of brake/clutch fluids degrades when left exposed to the open air.

It is better to go with a fresh batch and dispose of the old fluid in the proper manner.

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