Enhance The Look Of Your Kia Soul With C-Pillar Glass Mask


Make your new Soul stand out from the crowd by using the cool-looking rear stainless steel C-pillar glass mask!

If you’re in the market for some cheap aftermarket parts and accessories to enhance the exterior look of your iconic Kia Soul crossover vehicle, you should consider adding a C-pillar glass mask to it.

The rear glass mask looks really cool!

It is made of high quality stainless steel and is easy to install.

C Pillar Glass Mask For Kia SoulKia Soul C-Pillar Glass Mask Dimensions

  • Size: 267mm x 286mm
  • Material : stainless steel

Price – Buy At Amazon.com

You can buy the C-pillar glass mask for Kia Soul at Amazon.com!

The current price of the rear stainless steel C pillar glass mask (2 pieces) is around $30 – $50.

–> BUY NOW or click here to check the product’s page at Amazon.com for latest pricing and discounts!

NOTE: The item is made for the second-generation Kia Soul, which means it fits models that were built from November 2013 and 2019!

The product you see here at the photo is being manufactured by Autoria, a company located in South Korea.

You should not have any second thoughts about its quality!

As we all know, cars (Kias and Hyundais), as well as aftermarket parts and accessories manufactured in South Korea have proven reliability.

Why you should buy this accessory?

We are huge fans of tricked-out Kia models and we highly suggest owners to do some modifications to their cool-looking rides.

The C-pillar glass mask is a fairly new aftermarket part so there are not many owners using it at this point.

This makes a great opportunity for you to enhance the look of your new Soul crossover vehicle and give it a more unique exterior appearance.

2011, 2012 And 2013 Soul C Pillar Cover

If you own the first generation Soul model, produced in-between the 2009 and mid 2013, you can also opt in for a similar accessory.

The item is available in different colors, including red and yellow.


  • This product fits perfectly on 2011 2012 2013 models.
  • This item fit only before October 2013 Kia Soul. Check before ordering
  • Material: Acrylic
  • Made in Korea

Product Photo:

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