Kia Soul Is A Good Car; Confirmed By Owners!

2020 Kia Soul launched in U.S.

If you want to get the real feel for whether or not Kia Soul is any good, you really need to listen to what current owners have to say.

It is easy for professional car reviewers to have some sort of bias when delivering a review, but owners are usually free from all of that.

This is why we have been putting together our interview series, and why the Soul has come out on top in all of those reviews.

We have not only just featured the new Kia Soul in those interviews, but also a number of previous generation Soul models and several limited edition versions that are out there!

So far you have heard about the many colors of Kia Soul, from Solar Yellow to Kale Green and basic white, whilst also getting the skinny on the RED Zone Special Edition Soul.

The common thread that binds all of those interviews together, besides the car itself, is the positive experience that each of the owners have had behind the wheel of their new car.

The Soul is one of those cars that you really want to like right off the bat, but it also helps that Kia have gone out of their way to improve the second and third generations.

The massively updated interior and improved ride and handling have all been given the thumbs up, as has the fact that the exterior retained the iconic look, with just a few subtle changes to set it apart.

The Kia Soul consumer reviews are in, and its great news for the Kia brand!

8 Kia Soul owner interviews

Ownr of new Kia Soul EV in Canada
  • We have talked to the owner of the all-electric Kia Soul. This appears to be one of the first Soul EVs to be sold in North America (Canada in particular). So, what is it like to drive the all-electric Kia Soul 2020 (model year)? Find out by reading the interview here.

Kia Soul Neptune Blue color
  • The 2020 Kia Soul comes available in different kinds of colors and paint shades. This particular model is painted in Neptune Blue, which is a new addition to the Soul color palette. Find more pictures of this vehicle in the blog post here.

White Kia Soul electric - owner interview photos
  • If you buy an all-electric Kia Soul, you can make Nissan Leaf owners jelous. Find out how can make this happen in an owner interview here.

Soul Red Zone Image
  • The “Red Zone” is a special edition Soul model that has been released to the market a few weeks ago. It features several exclusive body parts and accessories. You can find more details and a series of pictures of the Soul Red Zone here.

2014 Kia Soul Alloys Photo
  • Here we have the long-time Kia owner who has recently purchased a Solar Yellow painted Soul crossover vehicle. This is one of our favourite color choices for the 2014 model. Click here more more details.

Kia Soul Base Image
  • This is the interview with the owner of a 2014 Kia Soul Base (trim level), which has already been fitted with several aftermarket mods and accessories. The owner plans to add a few more in the future. To read complete owner interview, follow the link here.

Kia Soul Kale Green color
  • Kale Green is one of those colors that appear to be pretty popular among Kia Soul owners. The owner of a Soul Base model sent us some cool photos that reveal many neat styling details of the second-generation Soul model. Click here for full interview.

Kia Soul in Titanium Gray exterior color
  • The new Soul also looks great when coated in Titanium Gray color. The Soul we are talking about here is the 1,6L “Base” model. The owner switched from the Jeep Wrangler to the Kia Soul because she wanted a more comfortable car. More details.

This is how consumers rated the Soul crossover vehicle. You can find a lot more news reports at the homepage of the Kia blog. Just click the “news” button in the header of the website.

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