Top 6 Kia Soul EV Owner Interviews

Owner interviews of Kia Soul EV

6 Kia owners share their thoughts about electric vehicle ownership experience.

If you do a little research into the success that the Kia brand has seen in recent years, you could probably track the turning point back to 2009, which was when the Soul was first introduced to the buying public.

The Kia Soul has been a sales juggernaut for the Koreans, so it wasn’t really much of a surprise that they chose it to be the vehicle of choice when entering the all-electric market.

Kia Soul EV is now out there too, and while it hasn’t exactly lit things up in the sales department, it’s worth remembering that the vehicle has only been available in a limited number of U.S. States.

The people who have driven the electric Kia Soul are a very happy group, though, and the great things they have to say about their electric vehicle have been mirrored by automotive experts across the world.

It’s easy to understand why the praise is so high, as the powertrain technology on the Soul electric car is excellent, and it also helps that the range it delivers is second only to the Tesla S (update: was at the time of posting this news article).

While media praise for the Soul EV has been essentially through the roof, we wanted to hear what actual owners had to say about their experience with the car.

If you regularly visit our Kia news blog, you probably already know about the interview series we do with Kia owners.

6 Soul EV owners

We went far and wide (USA, Canada, and Europe) to track down six Kia Soul EV owners.

Some of them were new to the all-electric car market, while others were in the process of changing out their petrol-driven cars with electric models.

There were even a few who were expanding their existing EV line-ups.

The one thing that they all had in common was that they loved their Soul EV!!

Owner comments & links

1. Nick from Canada already had experience driving a Tesla S, so he knew what to expect from his Titanium Grey Soul. He ended up being delighted that it essentially had all the same benefits and features he gets from his Tesla.

Interview: Read full interview with Nick, Tesla S & Soul EV owner here…

Hamster Charging EV SOUL2. Robert from Portland was all about the iconic style of the Soul EV. He describes it as quirky and cool, as well as being really well built.

Interview: Find more details about Robert’s white-painted Kia Soul EV here…

3. Francois from France is on the road to having all EV’s in his family. The Soul EV, which replaced their first EV, the Renault Zoe, will go to his wife, while Francois plans on adding a Tesla S into the mix.

Interview: François replaces Renault Zoe with the all-new Soul EV…


4. Caroline and Pierre from Quebec are firm believers in the EV technology, but they also wanted a vehicle that could hold their growing family. The Soul EV fit the bill.

Interview: Pics of the Soul EV in titanium gray color…

5. Steve from Los Angeles is loving life with his new Soul EV, and now takes every opportunity to get behind the wheel. His kids are the major beneficiaries of his enthusiasm, as they get taken wherever they want to go in the Soul EV.

Interview: Have a look at Steve’s Soul EV (two tone color) here…

6. Leo from Los Angeles loves the smooth ride and the lack of noise. He believes it would be impossible to go back to an internal combustion engine after his EV experience.

Interview: Check cool photos of the Soul EV and the owner’s hamster costume here…

It’s one thing to listen to people in the automotive industry talk about how good a car is, but quite another when the rave reviews come from actual owners.

As you can see, the new Soul electric car is proving to be a big hit with those who have taken the all-electric plunge.

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