Kia Soul 2022 Features Heated Steering Wheel

Kia Soul Heated Steering Wheel

Does Kia Soul have heated steering wheel?

The heated steering wheel in Kia Soul keeps you warm in the winter!

It’s a nice premium feature that many people are looking for when shopping for a new Soul crossover.

The problem is, however, the heated steering wheel isn’t available on all Kia Soul trim levels.

In the article here you’ll learn which model of the boxy Soul you need to opt in in order to gain the heated steering wheel.

But, first things first. The 2022 Kia Soul comes available in 6 different trim levels. Those are the base LX, X-Line, S, EX, GT-Line and range-topping Turbo.

Being a premium feature, you wouldn’t expect a heated steering wheel to be available in the cheapest Kia Soul, the base LX.

You’ll also not find it (unfortunatelly) moving up to the X-Line, S, EX and GT-Line trims!

However, if you opt in for the 2022 Kia Soul Turbo trim level, then the heated steering wheel will be standard. It is available at no extra cost.

2022 Kia Soul heated steering wheel availability

Heated steering
LXNot available
X-LineNot available
SNot available
EXNot available
GT-LineNot available
TurboYes, standard

To get the Kia Soul with heated steering wheel, consumers need to opt in for the top of the range Kia Soul with the MSRP of $27.790 (excluding freight charge of $1.175).

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  1. Todd Copeland says:

    Bought a 2018 Exclaim this week and we are very impressed with all of the features. Can’t wait to start driving.

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