Kia Soul Comes Available With Heated Steering Wheel


Want a heated steering wheel in a new Kia Soul?

No problem!

Read on to find out which trim levels of the Soul crossover vehicle offer it!

Heated steering wheel is a part of the 2018 Kia Soul Primo Package

When you purchase the base model of a vehicle, you don’t expect to get a vehicle filled with premium features.

Kia is looking to change that with their highly popular Soul crossover vehicle.

A heated steering wheel is just one of the premium features that can be had if Soul owners go with the optional ‘Primo Package,’ which comes in at $4,300 added to the base price.

That may seem like a lot for a heated steering wheel, but you will begin to see the value once we get into what else you get with the package.

How about a panoramic sunroof with power sunshade?

The heated steering wheel keeps you warm in the winter, while the sunroof lets in the rays when the weather turn nicer.

The Soul Primo Package also delivers leather trim to the seats, as well as heating a ventilation to those very same seats up front.

People in the back need not fret, as they are kept warm with heated rear outboard seats.

Rounding out the package are other premium features that include front fog lights, an immobilizer, and Push-button start with Smart Key.

All in all, a real premium upgrade for just $4,300!

This is a great way to dress up a car that is already loaded to the gills with standard features on the Base model.

While some drivers will just head on up to the top of the line Soul Exclaim model, others can get that little touch of luxury by investing in 2018 Kia Soul Plus and its optional Primo package.

One thought on “Kia Soul Comes Available With Heated Steering Wheel

  1. Todd Copeland says:

    Bought a 2018 Exclaim this week and we are very impressed with all of the features. Can’t wait to start driving.

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