How Big Is The 2022 Kia Soul?

How big is the new Kia Soul crossover?

The third-generation Soul boxy car has grown in size. Let’s check the current measurements.

The funky Kia Soul has quickly become a favorite among consumers and automotive media types, alike, and not just because it has a super cool exterior design.

This is a car with a beauty that is more than just skin deep, as the interior and cargo space of the car are just as eye-catching as what you see on the outside.

Not only is the interior of the fully-redesigned Kia Soul incredibly pleasing, the 120.9 cubic feet of passenger space is nothing short of cavernous.

Who would ever have believed that the funky little hatchback would ever become a great vehicle for the whole family? It has, though, as everyone, including the family dog can fit in there comfortably.

2022 Kia Soul size specifications

  • exterior dimensions
  • wheelbase
  • cargo volume
  • interior dimensions
  • seating capacity


2022 Kia Soul exterior dimensions
Length165.2 in.
Width70.9 in.
Height63.0 in.
Track, front/rear62.0 in. / 62.4 in.
Overhang (front/rear)34.1 in. / 28.7 in.
Ground clearance6.7 in.


What is the wheelbase length in the 2022 Kia Soul crossover? This is a front-wheel-drive compact crossover with the wheelbase size of 102.4 in.

2022 Kia Soul trunk space

Cargo space

2022 Kia Soul cargo volume
Cargo volume (rear seat up / mat (no board):24.2 cu. ft.
Cargo volume (rear seat up / board in lower position)23.4 cu. ft.
Cargo volume (rear seat up / board in upper position)18.7 cu. ft.
Cargo volume (rear seat folded / total cargo)62.1 cu. ft.

The trunk space of the 2022 Kia Soul is larger than you would expect from a crossover of this size.

With rear seats in their upright position, you can get 24.2 cubic feet of space, while folding them down creates 62.1 cubic feet of total cargo space!

One of the more clever aspects of the storage space in the new Kia Soul is the luggage under tray, which allows the owner to separate their cargo in back. This creates an ideal storage space for stuff that you regularly keep in your car, whilst also making extra space available for taller items that need to fit in back.


2022 Kia Soul interior dimensions
Head room front:39.4 in.
Head room rear:39.5 in.
Leg room front:41.1 in.
Leg room rear:38.8 in.
Shoulder room front:55.5 in.
Shoulder room rear:54.7 in.

Seating capacity of Kia Soul

How many people fit in this boxy crossover? The 2022 Kia Soul is a 5 passenger car with five seats positioned in two rows.


  1. Corey Fishman says:

    the article lists the cubic foot space but that does not tell me the dimensions so that i can tell if a piece of furniture will fit.

  2. Melissa Critchley says:

    Would like to know the opening space of the hatch (height x width), and what the length x width of the interior cargo space with the seats down are. Can a 42×42 inch table fit?

  3. Kathy says:

    I need to transport a small canvas dog crate in cargo space with rear seats folded down what are dimensions height and width

  4. Brian Hertzog says:

    would love to know actual width, height, and depth dimensions of cargo space with seats folded down. Seems impossible to find on the internet. Is there a reason these dimensions are omitted?

  5. Nan Wallace says:

    What are the dimensions of the cargo space with seats down?

  6. Faye says:

    Have a piece of heirloom furniture measuring 31.5″ W x 41″ H x 19″ Deep. Will it fit in a Kia Soul with an inch or 2 to spare in all directions? If Kia can figure the cubic feet, surely they have the dimensions. They need to share them. Renee is right, overall cubic feet is useless info.

  7. David Leigh says:

    The Shoulder space is the interior width and the Headroom is the distance from the bottom of a seat to the ceiling.

  8. Dale H says:

    I 100% agree with all of the comments Volume is useless information people are not filling it with water or popcorn that can take on any shape. Simple clearance Height/Width/depth is what every one is looking for. Customers are going to move on with out a little bit of simple information, or you are forcing them to grab a tape measure and go to the dealer and I know that’s what you want but you will have aggravated customers that will not be open to sales nonsense trying to force a switch to another KIA. As of right now I see this lack of information as deceptive and you now have two strikes 1 for not showing this information and 2 for not answering this question. 3 strikes and your out! You would be better off playing ball with the customers because you are behind in the count and I have not walked on to a dealers lot yet.

  9. Charles M Kandutsch says:

    these idots dont monitor their blog

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