Kia Soul Key Fob Battery Replacement


Tips on Kia Soul remote keyless entry – battery replacement!

The transmitter in your Kia Soul is generally good for years, but there may come a time when the 3-volt lithium battery has to be replaced.

You could pay someone to do the job for you, but why do that when you can easily replace it on your own.

This can be done in 3 simple steps:

  1. Open the transmitter center cover by inserting a slim tool into the slot.
  2. Take out the old battery and replace it with a new battery (CR2032), making sure that the new addition is properly positioned.
  3. Install the battery using the reverse steps of removal.

If the transmitter has to be replaced, you will need to visit an authorized Kia dealer for reprogramming of the transmitter.

Here are also some other things to consider:

  • Exposure to moisture or static electricity can greatly reduce the life cycle of your transmitter, which usually several years. If you don’t feel comfortable replacing the battery or transmitter on your own, contact your local Kia dealer for help.
  • Make sure that the battery you are using is the right one for the job. Using the wrong battery can lead to transmitter malfunction.
  • Dropping the transmitter, getting it wet, or exposing it to heat or sunlight can lead to damage.
  • If the battery is not properly disposed of, it can be harmful to your health and that of the environment. All batteries should be disposed of in compliance with local laws and regulations.

One thought on “Kia Soul Key Fob Battery Replacement

  1. Louis Baltz says:

    The fob shown in the battery replacement info does not look like the one for my 2012 Soul !. I can not find any coin slot. Can you give me directions for my fob battery replacement ??
    I bought my Soul new,four years ago this month and I still love it.

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